Are You Really Safe?: Injuries can occur without proper security measures

Whether you’re at work, shopping at the mall or enjoying a movie at the local theater, your expectations are that you will be in a safe environment, properly protected by the property owner’s security and safety precautions. Yet, oftentimes a commercial business owner, landlord, educational facility or sporting event venue may not have the correct or proper security measures in place, and you may become a victim of their negligence.

Sadly, we’ve all seen the news stories where a recently terminated or disgruntled employee has taken his frustrations out on his former place of employment, resulting in the tragic loss of life and serious injuries to those he may have encountered. From a legal standpoint, several questions arise from such a shocking occurrence. Did the company have adequate security measures in place in order to prevent unauthorized access to the premises? Were security personnel, if present, properly trained to thwart such an attack? Workplace violence is a serious concern, with an estimated 1.7 million violent victimizations committed annually against persons at work or on duty. Physical attacks, rapes, and other acts of violence cost American businesses billions of dollars each year. Some may have been preventable had the business owner established stricter safety and security guidelines.

If you are walking through the local mall with your family and are suddenly attacked, it could be discovered that the owner of the property did not adequately live up to his duty to keep patrons safe and secure while on the premises. People are injured while attending sporting events, perhaps falling down or tripping in a stairwell that was not adequately illuminated. Sometimes, overzealous fans may instigate a physical altercation with one another, and you may be injured as a result. Did the owners and operators of the stadium have adequate and properly trained security personnel on hand?

“Unfortunately, injuries and even death can occur in a wide array of settings, at any moment, because of negligent actions on the part of those responsible for providing a secure environment. Our experience has shown that even when you think you are safe and protected, an injury can happen where you least expect it,” according to attorney
PJ Scheiner of Associates and Bruce L. Scheiner, Personal Injury Lawyers.

Some places in which negligent security may be a factor in a person being victimized include:

School campuses and college dorm rooms • Hotels, motels and resorts • Sporting events • Parades • Cruise ships • Shopping malls and mall parking lots
• Theme parks • Hospitals and nursing homes • Financial institutions and ATM machines • Apartment and condominium complexes

If you or someone you know has been victimized as a result of what you feel may be a lack of security, we may be able to assist you. Our years of experience representing those injured due to the negligence of property owners or those charged with providing a safe and secure environment can be invaluable in your fight for justice. Please contact us today for a no-obligation consultation at 1.800.DialBLS or

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