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We recently reported on the record number of traffic deaths on the roads of Southwest Florida last year.wrongful death attorney Fort Myers

With spring break approaching, we have also looked at the dangers of drunk driving. As we continue to highlight the risks of the road to start 2023, today our car accident attorneys in Fort Myers and Cape Coral want to highlight a largely hidden risk that is no less dangerous: Drowsy driving.

There is every evidence the roads of Southwest Florida have grown particularly dangerous throughout the pandemic and hurricane recovery efforts. WGCU reported Lee County had the second-highest number of traffic deaths on record in 2022. At least 123 motorists lost their lives on Lee County roads in 2022, according to preliminary data. The highest annual total was reported in 2005, when 150 people were killed on local roads. The first two years of the pandemic saw 107 deaths in 2020 and 118 deaths in 2021

Drowsy driving is a known factor in a substantial number of collisions. It is also an undiscovered factor in many more collisions for which it is not determined to be a factor of causation.

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We recently reported on the record number of traffic deaths on the roads of Southwest Florida last year.

WGCU reported Lee County had the second-highest number of traffic deaths on record in 2022.intersection11-300x225

At least 123 motorists lost their lives on Lee County roads in 2022, according to preliminary data. The highest annual total was reported in 2005, when 150 people were killed on local roads. The first two years of the pandemic saw 107 deaths in 2020 and 118 deaths in 2021.

Through more than 50 years of representing the injured, our car accident attorneys know all too well that most serious and fatal traffic collisions are not “accidents.” They are avoidable. And they occur because of negligent behavior on the part of one or more drivers.

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Collision risks on the roads of Southwest Florida were at record highs in 2022. hit-and-run

While the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is projecting a slight decline in traffic deaths nationwide last year, as well as a slight decrease in Florida, the same cannot be said for Southwest Florida. While the reasons are not fully understood, statistics show road dangers have increased throughout the pandemic, despite fewer drivers on the roads. Reasons for the increased risks in Southwest Florida can be traced at least in part to nationwide increases in deaths on rural highways, collisions involving large trucks, and fatal accidents involving vulnerable road users, all of which are primary causes in our hometowns.

As we close out the first month of 2023, our car accident lawyers in Fort Myers and Cape Coral are reviewing the risks, and will publish several additional blogs highlighting steps you can take to reduce the risks that you or a loved one will be involved in a serious or fatal traffic collision.

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Lee County is closing out the year with the second-highest number of traffic fatalities on record. ambulance-300x201

It’s sobering news, particularly given the fact that the COVID pandemic has left many people working from home, and otherwise reduced the number of drivers on the roads of Southwest Florida.

However, despite the statistical reduction, motorists continue to complain of heavy traffic and long delays amid Hurricane Ian recovery efforts. The increasing number of road deaths mirrors trends nationwide, although safety advocates are still trying to determine all of the factors blamed for increasing road risks. Certainly shorter tempers and aggressive driving have played a role.

All of us at Associates and Bruce L. Scheiner wish all of you a safe and enjoyable new year.


Please celebrate responsibly and never drink and drive.

For more than half a century, our drunk driving injury lawyers have fought for the rights of victims and families impacted by this senseless crime. We support sobriety checkpoints, enforcement blitzes, and other efforts by local law enforcement, as well as the work of organizations like Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

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Setting the clocks back an hour brings with it early darkness and an increased risk of car accidents, particularly those involving pedestrians.

There has been much debate about Daylight Savings Time, with many favoring setting the clocks and eliminating the twice-yearly changing of time. Advocates for permanent Daylight Savings Time, which brings more light to early evening hours, cite a reduction in car accident risks and more time for residents to shop, dine and spend money at local businesses. streetsigns-300x200

But it’s a debate that has raged for decades and still we deal with early darkness each fall.

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We are entering the height of hurricane season in Southwest Florida, and all eyes are on the big storms. Activity in the Atlantic has local residents bracing for catastrophic property damage, flooding, and power outages. However, residents should not overlook more commonplace threats while prepping for “the big one.”  The near-daily thunderstorms that define fall in Florida make it one of the most dangerous times of the year for motorists. lightning11-240x300

Sudden storms are the norm in our state, often causing blinding rains, reduced traction, and flooding that can challenge even veteran drivers. Due to these hazards, we encourage you to service your vehicle and check your tires for adequate tread. Florida’s mild winters eliminate the early spring and late fall maintenance schedules followed by motorists in much of the rest of the country, and it is easy to be caught off guard by rapidly changing road conditions. In addition, intense summer temperatures and blistering asphalt can quickly degrade tires when tread and traction are most needed. Ensuring your car is ready for inclement weather is the best way to combat difficult road conditions due to Florida storms.

Weathering the Storm: Safe Driving in SWFL

While the winter months are most challenging for northern motorists, drivers in South Florida must cope with severe storm conditions from June until November, with some outliers striking in the off-season.

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The coronavirus pandemic has impacted our world in surprising ways. Beyond the immediate effects of the virus on public health, other consequences are now being observed and documented. Early estimates show 2022 is likely to be among the deadliest years for drivers on the road in recent memory an unexpected data point in the stay-at-home era.

While far fewer miles have been traveled in recent years due to the rise of remote work during the COVID pandemic, traffic safety advocates continue to grapple with the increased risk of serious and fatal auto collisions on US roadways. ambulance-300x201

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports 9,560 people died in the first quarter of 2022. Considering the last three months of the year are typically the deadliest, the nation could see 40,000 traffic deaths for the first time since 1963. Continue reading ›

COVID has caused widespread change throughout all areas of our society. The way we work and interact with others may never return to pre-COVID norms. Despite the stress, upheaval, and uncertainty, some pandemic consequences have actually improved our quality of life: More time with families, increased emphasis on work-life balance, and new tools for collaboration emerged in the midst of the virus’ tragic toll.night-highway-1450204-300x184

However, there is ample evidence that shorter attention spans and reduced patience have emerged as negative consequences of pandemic isolation. Traffic statistics, for example, show high collision rates, despite a reduction in miles traveled. And specific traffic behaviors, such as road rage, aggressive driving, and speeding, have reached new pandemic highs in 2022.

In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has launched a new safety campaign warning of the dangers of speeding, which is now involved in nearly one-third of all serious and fatal traffic collisions. It seems we have fewer places to go, and more time to get therebut we have less patience than ever before.

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A recent 5-vehicle collision on McGregor Boulevard sent three people to the hospital, highlighting the risks of Southwest Florida’s ever-increasing congestion as we approach the start of tourist season. uninsured accidents

NBC-2 reported three people were taken to the hospital by the Iona McGregor Fire Department after the multi-car collision occurred in the northbound lanes at A&W Bulb Road. Our car accident lawyers in Fort Myers know these types of collisions can make for complicated injury claims and may even limit your ability to collect damages from at-fault parties in cases where multiple victims are seriously injured.

We have spoken often about Florida’s low mandatory insurance minimums, which require just $10,000 in PIP coverage and $10,000 in property damage. A driver carrying these minimums will not have bodily injury liability coverage to compensate even one victim hurt in a collision, let alone multiple victims. Unfortunately, such crashes have grown increasingly common in Southwest Florida as traffic congestion backs up cars through multiple intersections on busy roads like Cleveland Avenue, Colonial Boulevard, and McGregor Boulevard.

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