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Fatal I-95 semi accident a reminder: Heavy trucks can pose danger to Southwest Florida motorists

The recent deadly semi truck accident that spilled $182,000 worth of nickels across a Florida highway serves as a stark reminder of the enormous weight packed into semis and the devastation such accidents cause.

Semi and large truck accidents can lead to serious injury or death, in part because a fully loaded truck can weigh 20,000 pounds, more than five times the weight of a passenger car.

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The 3.5 million nickels would have made 82,500 rolls of coins weighing about 7,700 pounds – or about one-third of a semi’s maximum load.

In this case, the semi of coins collided with another semi on I-95 in Brevard County. Media outlets reported the death of one of the two guards on board the shipment, which has going by semi from Philadelphia to the U.S. Treasury in Miami for distribution to Florida banks.

Officials from the FBI, The U.S. Treasury and the Secret Service were on hand to oversee cleanup of the money – Bobcats were used to scoop up the coins.

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