Red Light Runners in Lee County a Target in August

Green means go and red means stop.

Most school-aged children know this, yet far too many drivers seem to “forget.” The truth of the matter is that you put yourself at serious risk for a severe car accident when you blow through a red light. Or one that’s yellow or about to turn red. Anything but solid green should be your warning.

To help to get drivers to stop on red, officials with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) are pushing enforcement this August. Troopers and officers from around the state will be on the lookout for drivers who aren’t stopping at red lights and who are putting other innocent drivers, pedestrians and bicyclists at risk for a potentially fatal accident.

“Troopers will take the appropriate enforcement action on those drivers who place themselves and others in danger by running red lights,” said Col. David Brierton, Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) Director.

Our Fort Myers car accident attorneys understand that intersection accidents often result in serious or fatal injuries. We might not be currently dealing with the rush of snowbird traffic, but it’s no time to take our focus off safety. Remember that road laws and traffic devices weren’t created to be a nuisance or an inconvenience to you. They’re there to help to make your trip a little safer.

To help to get you in the right mindset, FHP officers offer your these simple red-light safety tips:

-Remember that intersections are some of the most dangerous areas on our roadways. Approach with caution regardless of what color your traffic light.

-Look at your surroundings before passing through a green light. Be on the lookout for red-light runners.

-Never speed through a yellow light. Not only are you running the risk of a traffic citation, but you’re also increasing your risks for an accident.

-Remember the risks of running a red light, including a traffic ticket, a serious accident, increased insurance rates, irreversible consequences, hospital bills, etc.

-Make the pledge today that you’ll always be ready to stop at an intersection, whether it is for a red light, another vehicle or even a crossing pedestrian or bicyclist.

-Obey the posted speed limits so that you can stop for potential dangers at an intersection.

We’re not asking you to slam on your brakes if the light turns yellow. Many car accidents at intersections are in fact rear-end accidents for this very reason. Travel at a reasonable speed and avoid sudden maneuvers. Make your actions behind the wheel as predictable as possible for other motorists.

Use the month of August to stay more in tune with traffic lights. The Federal Highway Administration uses this month not only to push motorists to obey traffic-control devices.

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