Florida semi accidents, bus, large truck crashes targeted to reduce risk of serious injury and death

Targeting drivers contributing to Florida semi crashes and large truck and bus accidents will be a priority heading into the holidays, authorities announced this week.

“During this operation, FHP troopers and Motor Carrier Compliance officers will be watching for unsafe drivers, especially those who contribute to collisions between passenger vehicles and large trucks or school buses,” said Colonel John Czernis, director of the Florida Highway Patrol, noting the agency believes most commercial drivers act responsibly. “However, because of vehicle size, weight and the type of cargo hauled by commercial vehicles, the potential for causing significant damage to other vehicles or property is very real. Therefore, it is imperative that commercial truck drivers obey state and federal laws and regulations meant to protect their safe passage and that of the motoring public.”

Trucking companies have an obligation to put safe trucks and safe drivers on the road. When they don’t, innocent people can be seriously injured or killed. Dump trucks and semis can weight 70,000 to 80,000 pounds – 20 times the weight of a 4,000 pound passenger car.

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State traffic statistics show commercial vehicles were involved in more than 18,000 crashes that resulted in 365 deaths in 2007.

“Drivers of smaller vehicles, motorcyclists, bicyclists and pedestrians are all at a considerable disadvantage when involved in collisions with large trucks,” the patrol reported in announcing this week’s initiative.

The patrol said the operation will include all available patrol personnel using laser, radar, video cameras, motorcycles and unmarked patrol cars as well as pilots in the air directing troopers on the ground to violators.

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