Southwest Florida Traffic Safety: Summer Focus on Older Drivers

Florida has one of the largest senior citizen populations in the nation. Fortunately, our state offers a variety of programs to assist older drivers and their families stay safe on the road and decide when it’s time to stop driving.

If you are one of the ones who continue to drive (and can do so safely), you’re urged to take an online course designed for YOU. With this course, you can even save 10 Percent on your Auto Insurance for 3 years.
Our Naples car accident lawyers understand that by the year 2020, Florida’s population of persons 65 and older is expected to double. It’s important that we stay on top of this driving-safety issue and continue to assess abilities behind the wheel so we can identify those who are “at-risk.” There are a number of Self/Caregiver Assessments that you can participate in from the comfort of your own home.

For all of us, young and old, the motor vehicle is an important aspect of our daily lives. But when we can no longer drive safely, there are other options readily available to us, and there are great benefits:

-Saving money on gas and other costs. This can also include car insurance, registration, maintenance and other fees. These kinds of savings can easily pay for other modes of transportation, like the bus, a cab or gas money for friends.

-You can improve your health. By giving up your keys, you can walk and bike more. Regular exercise (especially for older residents) can help to improve overall health and help to ensure a long life.

-You can grow your social circle. Get a ride with a friend. Reach out and find new people. Not only can you offer gas money as compensation, but you can also trade off on other chores, such as cooking a meal in return for your friend driving.

-Appreciate the change of pace. For a lot of people, giving up the keys means slowing down. It might not sound appealing at all, but for elderly residents, it may help to enjoy life a little more. It can also have some amazing effects on mental health by eliminating the stresses of driving.

According to recent statistics from the National Safety Council (NSC), there were more than 210 million licensed drivers in the U.S. in 2009. Of those, close to 14 million (or nearly 7 percent) were drivers over the age of 75. And this percentage of elderly drivers is at some serious risks for an accident. The changes that come along with aging can work against us when trying to operate a motor vehicle.

If you’ve got elderly individuals in your family, talk with them about their driving abilities. The questions may be best received from a loved one. Fighting for safety is a smart course of action.

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