Drunk Driving Accidents in Fort Myers a Summer Risk

New statistics are out on drunk driving accidents in Fort Myers and elsewhere.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were close to 10,500 people who were killed in alcohol-related traffic accidents in 2010.

This is the most recent statistic out regarding these kinds of accidents. These crashes accounted for about 30 percent of all roadway fatalities across the nation. This means that there was someone who was killed in one of these accidents every 51 minutes throughout that year. What’s most alarming is that these kinds of accidents are completely preventable.

Our Fort Myers drunk driving car accident lawyers understand that we typically see an increase in alcohol-related crashes throughout the summer season. During this time, motorists from around the country hit our roadways in route to their summertime vacation destination. Unfortunately, many of these destinations involve drinking, and then unfortunately driving. We’re asking all motorists to be cautious out there and keep an eye out for suspicious drivers.

We’re asking you to call authorities if you spot a driver who you believe is drunk. You’re asked to call authorities with the vehicle’s information, including the color, the make, the model, the year, its location and the direction of the vehicle. You’re urged to steer clear of the vehicle and to keep yourself out of harm’s way. Your phone call could help to save lives.

If you’re out driving during the evening hours or during the weekend we’re asking you to be a little more aware of your surroundings. This is typically when most of these accidents occur. During the weekday, only about 15 percent of drivers who are involved in a fatal accident were under the influence of alcohol. This is in comparison to about 30 percent of drivers who are involved in a fatal accident during the weekend were under the influence of alcohol. Same thing for nighttime accidents, too.

Who is most at risk for an alcohol-related accident?

-Drivers between the ages of 21- and 24-years-old have the highest risks for these kinds of accidents. In 2010, they accounted for nearly 35 percent of all fatal alcohol-related accidents.

-Drivers between the ages of 25-and 34-years-old accounted for the second leading group for these kinds of accidents, accounting for 30 percent.

-Drivers between the ages of 35- and 44-years-old accounted for the third most likely group for these accidents, accounting for about 25 percent.

Regardless of your age or when you may be out on the road, we ask you to remain sober and alert behind the wheel. If you’re day includes drinking, make sure that your ride home is sober. Call a cab, take the bus, call a family member or stay at a friend’s house. Getting behind the wheel after consuming alcohol should never be an option!

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