Florida injury lawyers urge hurricane preparedness

Everyone at Associates and Bruce L. Scheiner, Personal Injury Lawyers wishes Florida residents a safe, peaceful summer and an uneventful hurricane season.

We also urge you to be prepared.

“While in the end it will be up to Mother Nature, nothing ensures a safe hurricane season as much as a prepared household, business or family,” said Bruce L. Scheiner, founder and senior attorney at Associates and Bruce L. Scheiner, Personal Injury Lawyers. “If you live in Colorado, prepare for winter. If you live in South Florida, prepare for hurricane season. Do it now, not at the last minute when stores are sold out and packed with last-minute shoppers.”

Emergency paperwork in a waterproof container, food, water, tarps, batteries, and other supplies should be collected now. The family should have an action plan and a communication plan now. And other safety, like driving in inclement weather and the proper use of generators (well-ventilated area, never use indoors) should be reviewed.

Associates and Bruce L. Scheiner, Personal Injury Lawyers, has a public service announcement in this year’s WINK News hurricane guide.

The News-Press, which also sponsored this year’s hurricane guide, has extensive information on its website.

The Red Cross recommends the following safety steps and tips to prepare for a hurricane:

Assemble a Disaster Supplies Kit

Gather emergency supplies including: emergency medications, nonperishable foods, a non-electric can opener, bottled water (at least three gallons per day per person), a battery-powered radio, flashlight, extra batteries, extra clothes, important documents, cash and credit cards, a first aid kit and other items for infants, elderly or disabled family members and pets
Store supplies in a waterproof, easy-to-carry container, such as a plastic tub with handles

Prepare a Personal Evacuation Plan

Identify an evacuation route ahead of time; discuss with family members
If advised to evacuate, do so immediately
In case of evacuation to an American Red Cross shelter, be sure to bring the disaster supplies kit, medications, extra clothing, pillows and blankets and other hygiene and comfort supplies
Make advance preparations for pets so you can bring them with you when you leave, but remember, due to health department regulations, pets aren’t allowed in public shelters

Prepare for High Winds

Measure windows and obtain shutters or cut plywood to cover each one
Remove diseased and damaged tree limbs well before a storm strikes
Strengthen garage doors with vertical support beams made from 2×4’s and “L” brackets
Get professional help if needed

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