Fort Myers Injury Lawyers Wish You a Safe Halloween!

Your child is probably excited and geared up to go for Halloween’s trick-or-treating adventures.

What they might not be thinking about are the risks that accompany their costume. NCB2 is here with some beneficial safety tips to help to make sure that your child remains safe.
Our Fort Myers injury lawyers also want to talk about the risks for pedestrian accidents on All Hallow’s Eve. This is the most dangerous night out of the entire year for your child to be along our roadways. It’s important that you equip them with safe walking habits and do your job as a parent to keep them safe!

Thirteen Lucky Tips for Halloween Safety:

1.) Your best bet is to go with flame-resistant costumes. There are going to be candles and jack-o-lanterns lining most neighborhoods in the area. If you have jack-o-lanterns of your own, consider using artificial light. Never leave any kind of candle unattended.

2.) Try to glow in the dark. Wear bright colors and reflective materials to make your young one more remains visible to passing drivers. You can use the reflective materials as props on their costume and you can adhere them to their trick-or-treating candy bag!

3.) Ditch the masks. Your best bet to disguise your face is to use face paint. This way your view won’t be obstructed by a bulky piece of plastic strapped to your face. Dangers need to be seen, not hidden by a mask.

4.) Test out your makeup before use to make sure there will be no allergic reactions ruining Halloween night.

5.) Look at the ingredients in the makeup you’re using. Make sure they’re FDA approved.

6.) Be careful when using contact lenses. Don’t wear them unless they come from a professional. Talk with your eye doctor first.

7.) Make sure candy isn’t consumed until it has been seen by an adult. Throw out and items that appear to have been tampered with or are homemade.

8.) Feed your little monsters and gremlins before heading out. This will help them to avoid snacking on candy before it has a chance to be inspected.

9.) Never take any candy that looks questionable.

10.) Don’t give small, hard candy to children. Never give them anything that could serve as a choking hazard.

11.) Make sure that you trick-or-treat in neighborhoods that are well-lit and that are familiar.

12.) Stay sober behind the wheel. A lot of Halloween parties will be going on during the next few days. Stay out of jail and out of a potentially fatal car accident by practicing your safest driving habits.

13.) Make sure that you review safe pedestrian walking habits with your child before hitting the town (or the neighborhood).

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