Southwest Florida Traffic Safety Watch: FHP Targets Aggressive Drivers

Officials with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) is conducting a week-long campaign targeting aggressive drivers. But even then the fight is far from over.

With the upcoming Memorial Day holiday weekend, drivers will hit the roadways and head out on weekend vacations. During this time, Florida law enforcement will be out once again looking for dangerous and aggravated drivers.

“The Florida Highway Patrol is committed to keeping our roadways safe for all motorists,” said Col. David Brierton with the Florida Highway Patrol.

Our Fort Myers car accident lawyers understand that many of you will be doing some traveling over the Memorial Day weekend. As you can expect, our roadways are going to be packed. It’s important that you keep your cool behind the wheel to help to avoid a potential accident. Yes, it can get frustrating out there. Just remember that we’re all in this together and we all want to get where we’re going safely. Love thy neighbor (or the driver of car next to you).

To help to push the importance of this campaign, officials have posted billboards around the Orlando, Tampa and Daytona Beach areas. They’re aimed at getting trucks and passenger cars to share the roadway safely with one another. Officials with the Florida Trucking Association (FTA) are also on board with this safety campaign.

Those with the FTA have partnered with the FHP to raise awareness about commercial trucks’ “No Zones” or their blind spots. When traveling around large, commercial vehicles, it’s important that we travel with care. These vehicles operate much differently than our passenger cars and may accelerate or brake more slowly or make wide turns. Just because they’re a little slower sometimes, that’s no reason to drive around them like a maniac — tailgating and cutting them off.

By definition, aggressive driving occurs when “an individual commits a combination of moving traffic offenses so as to endanger other persons or property” (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration). This behavior includes any two of the following: tailgating, speeding, cutting off another driver, improper or unsafe lane change, neglecting to yield the right of way and even failure to obey traffic signals.

Although it can get frustrating out there, there are things you can do to avoid becoming an aggressive driver. All you have to do is monitor your own state of mind to make sure you aren’t a danger to others. Allow enough time to reach your destination without speeding. Keep food in the car. Monitor your emotions; and don’t drive if you’re upset.

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