Officials Push FL Law: Move Over to Save Lives

Too many people are being killed in roadside accidents. Many of these victims are law enforcement officers or work on road crews, where the focus is on making our commute safer and easier. According to the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, there have been more than 150 law enforcement officials killed in the U.S. while working on the side of the road and on the clock.

Throughout the entire month of January, officials across the state of Florida will be pushing our “Move Over Law.” They’ll be working to raise awareness of this lifesaving law and busting drivers who don’t comply. Our Fort Myers car accident attorneys are asking drivers to move over or slow down when approaching safety personnel stopped at the side of the road. The “Move Over Law” was enacted not only to help to protect roadside workers, tow truck employees and law enforcement officers, but it was enacted to help to keep drivers safe, too.

“Our troopers are out on the roadways every day working to reduce traffic crashes and fatalities. Motorists need to understand the Move Over law and abide by the law for everyone’s safety,” said Col. David Brierton, Florida Highway Patrol (FHP) Director.

Move Over Law:

-You are required to move over at least one lane of traffic when driving up to an authorized emergency vehicle that is stopped on the side of the road.

-When you’re on a two-lane road and you can’t move over, you’re required to slow down and to drive at least 20 mph under the posted speed limit.

-When the speed limit is 20 mph on the roadway you’re traveling on, you’re required to slow down to 5 mph.

-Violating the “Move Over Law” puts both yourself, the public and the roadside worker at risk.

-If you’re busted breaking this law, you can wind up with a fine, points on your driver’s license and even in a potentially fatal accident.

According to, more than 70 percent of Americans don’t even know what the “Move Over Law” is. Of those who do know what it is, close to 90 percent of them support the laws in all 50 states.

Right now, there are 43 states that have this law in effect. Florida is one of these states.

In just 2010, there were close to 15 officers who were killed in these kinds of accidents. That’s 4 more unnecessary fatalities than the year before. One top cause for drivers striking these roadside workers was driver inattention. According to studies, drivers just aren’t paying attention behind the wheel and aren’t reacting, or not reacting in enough time, to steer clear of these vulnerable individuals.

We’re asking all drivers to remain alert behind the wheel. When approaching any kind of vehicle or person on the side of the road, approach with care. Slow it down and remain cautious. It’s a move that could wind up saving lives.

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