Snowbirds and Increased Risks of Traffic Crashes in Southwest Florida

According to a recent study from the University of Florida, Lee County has close to 100,000 temporary residents (known to many of us as snowbirds) during peak winter season.

The News-Press reports that’s good enough to give Lee County the largest population of winter residents in the state.

So there really is much more traffic on the road. The fact that many are elderly drivers, temporary residents and tourists, only serves to increase the risk for accidents.

Our Fort Myers car accident lawyers encourage you to stay safe as hundreds of thousands of tourist and seasonal motorists descend on South Florida in coming weeks.

According to the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT), Florida is making a special effort to help keep older drivers out of accidents. It’s called the Florida Guide for Aging Drivers. It’s a free book that helps these elderly drivers to get around safely.

For elderly individuals, or those who are snowbirds, who aren’t required to undergo FDOT driver training or requirements, friends and loved ones must take the lead. Take a look at your loved one’s driving habits. Make sure they’re doing alright behind the wheel. Make sure they’re not endangering themselves or other travelers.

It’s nothing to be ashamed of. We all age and with age comes deteriorating senses and abilities behind the wheel. Know when it’s time to hang up your keys and start using alternative modes of transportation. This move can help you to live a longer and healthy life.

For the rest of us who live here year round, we have to adjust our driving habits when season rolls around. You always know the first sign of season — when the roadways get a little more crowded. We’re forced to deal with drivers who are not as familiar with the roads as we are and we oftentimes have to deal with drivers who travel a little slower than the rest of us.

Through the holidays, and until season is over, all drivers must keep safety a top priority. Pay more attention to the road. Keep calm behind the wheel. It’s no surprise that we all get a little more agitated behind the wheel when there’s more traffic. Keep it calm and remember that we’re all just trying to get around.

Remember that these individuals not only bring traffic with them, they are bring their money, too. This is the money they helps to keep our economy thriving. Be safe out there, be cautious and be courteous. We’ve all got places to go. Let’s work together to ensure that everyone gets there safely.

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