Understanding health insurance critical in wake of a Fort Myers accident

The Affordable Care Act hopes to put you back in charge of your health coverage and care. When you need it most, insurance companies often deny you care. And lack of coverage prevents many people from getting recommended preventive treatment.

Our Fort Myers personal injury lawyers know the strain that lack of insurance puts on a family after a Florida accident. In many cases, even when insurance is available, it may not be sufficient to pay for required medical and rehabilitative care. Often, seeking damages from an at-fault party is the only way to ensure the future financial well-being of you and your family.
The Affordable Care Act will require millions of uninsured Americans to buy insurance. The New York Times thought consumers might want some answers about health insurance from a 20-year veteran of the insurance industry.

What is the most important thing to know about choosing and paying for health insurance? Ignore the marketing material, it just tries to influence you to buy the insurance, it’s not meant to explain the benefits thoroughly. Understand that if you are an individual trying to buy insurance, insurers are looking for young and healthy people. If you aren’t young or healthy, you will get insurance but you will pay more and you might have less benefits or both.

Whether you are getting insurance on your own or through work, ask to see the actual policy. Pay attention to what’s excluded, like transplant coverage, maternity benefits and experimental procedures. Identify what your financial obligations are, including co-pays, premiums, deductibles and co-insurance.

Is there a good place consumers can go for reliable insurance information?

Healthcare.gov is a great source for information. You can enter your information and get rate comparisons for your area. Your state’s website is also a useful source.

Are there any kinds of polices that should be avoided?

Stay away from mini-med or limited benefit plans, which are mostly sold through small employers or to individuals. Some large company fast-food chains have been offering these plans. The problem with these policies, even though they have low premiums, is that they also have low lifetime or annual caps on coverage. And some don’t even pay for hospitalizations. These plans are due to be eliminated in 2014 when lifetime and annual caps won’t be allowed.

Can you fight an insurance claim that has been denied?

Yes, the new health care law allows consumers two layers of review. If you have been denied, fight it, insurers hope you just accept the denial. If you file an appeal the denial will often be reversed.

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