Children at Risk for Swimming Pool Accidents in Fort Myers and Elsewhere through Summer

Kids are out of school for their summer break and more and more of them are suiting up and jumping in to the nearest swimming pool.

The summer season brings the highest risks for swimming pool accidents in Fort Myers and elsewhere — especially among young children. According to, drownings are the number one cause of death for kids aged 1- to 4-years-old. From 2007 to 2009, there was an average of about 390 kids under the age of 15-years-old who died in a drowning-related accident in the U.S. each year.

Our Fort Myers child injury attorneys are asking parents to keep a close eye on our young ones during the summer break and especially near the swimming pool. Parents may be the biggest lifesaver in keeping kids safe around pools. Please keep an eye on children under the age of 15, but especially on those under the age of 6.

About 75 percent of drowning deaths involve a child who is under the age of 6. Nearly 70 percent of those victims are children between the ages of 1- and 3-years-old.

Florida is the most dangerous state for these kinds of accidents, too. From January to October of 2011, there were nearly 50 drowning-related fatalities involving children under the age of 15. Trailing behind us was the state of Texas with approximately 40 fatalities and then California with 39 fatalities.

In addition to the precious lives that are taken by drowning accidents every year, another 5,200 young ones are sent to emergency rooms across the country. Parents are asked to step in, to keep a close eye on our young ones and to help to prevent these accidents.

Who is at risk?

-More than 65 percent of these victims are between the ages of 1- and 3-years-old.

-More than 15 percent of these victims are ages 5- through 9-years-old.

-More than 10 percent are 4-years-old.

-Less than 5 percent are 10- to 14-years-old.

-About 2 percent are 1-years-old or younger.

Did you know that these kinds of accidents are most likely to happen at home, too? Nearly 45-percent of drowning accidents occur in a homeowner’s pool. Another 25 percent happen at a friend or a family member’s pool and another 20 percent at a public or community pool.

Parents might want to keep a close eye on their young boys, too. Boys account for about 60 percent of these accident victims while girls account for 40 percent.

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