Dangerous and Defective Product Claims in Southwest Florida

We bring more products into our home during the holidays than at any other time of the year. That means the risk of dangerous and defective products injuries peak each December and January.

Our defective product attorneys have posted recently about the risks, including those posed by the global marketplace and online shopping services such as Amazon, as well as the risk of toy-related injuries.

deilvery-300x225However, some products are inherently more dangerous than others. Understanding the risks before you choose to bring a product into your home can go a long way toward keeping you and your family safe as we head into the new year.

Most Dangerous Consumer Products

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention tracks some of the most common high-risk products each year. Some of them are obvious, including:

  • Trampolines: Average annual injuries: 96,266
  • Skateboards: Average annual injuries: 121,371
  • ATVs: Average annual injuries: 106,758
  • Playground equipment: Average annual Injuries: 122,951
  • Bicycles, tricycles and unicycles: Average annual injuries: 610,188

However, some of them are far less obvious:

  • Footwear: Average annual injuries: 101,077
  • Glass and glass containers: Average annual injuries: 108,331
  • Garden tools (excluding lawn mowers): Average annual injuries: 234,093
  • Showers and bathtubs: Average annual injuries: 228,673
  • Beds: Average annual injuries: 406,817

Defective Product Injury Claims

It is important to understand that just because you choose to buy a product with known user risks, like a trampoline or skateboard, does not mean you do not have a claim if serious or fatal injury results. Many successful claims are brought each year and often result in making the marketplace safer for everyone.

Dangerous and defective product claims are typically pursued in federal court and fall into one of three categories: Defective design, defective manufacture, or failure to provide adequate warnings. Any company involved in the design, manufacturing, marketing, distribution or sale can be held accountable.

Our defective product attorneys in Fort Myers know these are among the most complex and time consuming types of cases a law firm can handle. Frequently involving national or international corporations and their attorneys and insurance companies, your chosen law firm must have extensive experience litigating such cases, as well as the resources to pursue a claim to its just conclusion.

When it comes to gift-giving this holiday season, inherently dangerous products like skateboards and trampolines are a poor choice, particularly when purchasing for someone else’s children. However, just because a toy or other consumer product comes with known risks, does not mean you do not have a claim if serious or fatal injury occurs.

Anyone who suffers serious product injury should contact a personal injury or wrongful death law firm experienced in handling such claims. Thorough investigation of the facts and circumstances should be conducted as soon as possible after an incident. In some cases, dangerous design or manufacturing defects might be responsible, while in other cases, professional assembly may have been to blame, or directions for self-assembly may have been faulty.

Identifying all of the liable parties, as well as all of the factors of causation and the full extent of injuries, are the first steps toward building a comprehensive claim for damages.

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