Florida Bus Accidents Risks Highlighted by Surprise Inspections

Officials with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) recently kicked off their two-week strike force on passenger buses. During this enforcement campaign, officials will be conducting safety inspections on busing companies throughout the country as part of the FMCSA’s Motorcoach Safety Initiative. They’re working to get high-risk drivers and buses off of our roads. But there is more than just surprise inspections. Officials will also be dropping by new bus companies to take a look at their safety initiatives.
Specially-trained investigators and law enforcement officials will be looking at buses for maintenance issues involving tires, brakes and exhaust systems. But they’re also looking at the drivers — looking for their compliance with hours-of-service requirements and to make sure they’ve got the proper driver qualifications.

Our Cape Coral bus accident lawyers understand that many residents and visitors rely on these busing companies to get them to and from their destinations. Many times, a bus trip is far easier than driving, especially when your destination is across state or even out of state. Unfortunately, many consumers will choose the cheapest bus fare without concern for safety. It’s not these cheap fares that are going to help to keep you safe during your travels. And that’s where officials with the FMCSA are stepping in — to make sure that all companies are safe and reliable (even the cheaper ones).

“Strong enforcement efforts will increase safety and reduce serious crashes that result in death and injury,” said Anne S. Ferro, Administrator with the FMCSA.

As a part of the campaign, officials are also reminding consumers of the SaferBus mobile app. This gives riders free and quick access to a safety review and overview of any bus company. You can check out their safety record before securing a ticket. This app is available for Android, iPhone and iPad users. The SaferBus app will also help you avoid bus companies that have been placed out of service or that do not have operating authority. In either case, these companies are operating illegally.

In 2010, there were close to 15,000 buses involved in traffic accidents. In these accidents, there were close to 250 people who were killed and another 30,000 injured.

Common Situations That Cause Bus Accidents:

-Unpredictable drivers and sudden lane changes without warning.

-Bus drivers attempting to avoid collisions by veering off the road.

-Fatigued drivers.

-Faulty equipment or mechanical failures.

-Speeding or driving dangerously in unsafe weather conditions.

As soon as you start planning your getaway and travel plans, make sure that you do your homework and chose a safe busing company that’s going to meet your specific needs. Keep in mind, there are more than 600,000 registered buses in the United States; all companies are not created equally. If you don’t have access to the SaferBus app, you can contact the bus company or search for the company on FMCSA’s Web site.

You can search by the companies U.S. DOT and/or MC number or you can enter the company name and the location where the company is headquartered. Find out more about the company before heading out to help sure that you’ve booked a safe ride.

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