Fort Myers Boating Accidents Kills Local Woman

One woman is dead after a tube in a boat flew out and yanked her with it. The line of the tube wrapped around her neck and she was pulled overboard, according to NBC2. Investigators are still looking into the accident to see what led to her death.

The victim was a 23-year-old from Cape Coral. She died as a result of her injuries. Although officials with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) say that they’ve never heard of something like this happening, it is one of many risks present when enjoying a day on the water. Wind can be a problem when boating, regardless of what kind of boat you’re on. That’s something that you need to consider before heading out for an afternoon. Investigators have also reportedly determined alcohol a factor in the accident.

Our Fort Myers Beach boating accident lawyers know Florida is the most dangerous state in the country for these kinds of accidents. Our state continues to lead in the total number of registered boats, with more than 900,000 registered in 2012. During that same year, there were more than 700 boating accidents reported throughout the state.

Most commonly (accounting for more than 40 percent), these fatal accidents were the result of falling overboard. The leading cause of death was drowning, accounting for more than 60 percent of all boating fatalities. The deadliest month on the books was the month of July.

Drug and alcohol use played a role in more than 10 percent of the fatal boating accidents reported throughout the year. There were close to 60 people who died in all boating accidents reported in the state of Florida in 2012. Close to 65 percent of the victims were operators who were over the age of 35. More than 30 percent involved vessels that were less than 23 feet in length.

Aside from the fatalities, there were close to 400 injuries sustained in 2012 boating accidents.

Did you know that more than 70 percent of the operators who were involved in fatal accidents had no formal boater education?

And Lee County is one of the most dangerous counties in the state. We saw close to 30 accidents in 2012, with one fatality and 10 injuries. We were ranked as the 8th most dangerous in the state.

It’s a dangerous time of year to be out on the water. There’s a lot of boating traffic and the accident risks are high. So before you head out, make sure your passengers understand how to stay safe on the water. Enjoy your day in the sun, but enjoy it safely.

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