Fort Myers Fourth of July Traffic Could Be Hectic, So Avoid Car Accidents

Our Fort Myers Personal Injury Lawyers wish you and your family a safe Fourth of July holiday weekend. We know many of you will take to the roads to get away for a couple days — please be careful.
As AAA estimates, more than 39 million people will be traveling this Independence Day holiday weekend, which is actually slightly down from 40 million last year, USA Today reports. The national driving organization believes that high gas prices — up about $1 on average from last year — contribute to the dip in traffic.

But 39 million cars still represents a high volume of vehicles traveling our highways and byways. And with Southwest Florida representing a vacation hot spot and destination for many travelers, our local roads may see an uptick in traffic. While that may be good for the local economy, it could be devastating if people get into car accidents in Fort Myers, Naples and elsewhere during the holiday weekend.

According to 2006 data from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, 702 motor vehicle accidents occur every day in the state and thousands of people die each year on Florida roads.

These accidents can be minor fender-benders that cause little damage to the vehicle and no injuries to drivers and passengers. But that isn’t always the case. Especially on busy highways.
Common Fourth of July Accident Causes:

Drunk driving accidents: According to 2009 data from the non-profit Century Council group, more than 53,000 arrests were made in Florida for DUI. That year, 770 people died in alcohol-related accidents.

Drunk driving accidents claim many lives each year and cause unparalleled devastation to families throughout Southwest Florida. And for those who survive, their recovery can last months or years or it’s possible they can’t fully recover from injuries sustained in these senseless wrecks.

Motorcycle accidents: You’ve likely seen the bumper stickers “Motorcycles are Everywhere” and “Look Twice For Motorcycles.” Because Florida has such inviting weather, motorcycles are, indeed everywhere. And because they provide less protection than vehicles, riders are particularly susceptible to injury and death.

Florida has nearly 500,000 registered motorcycles, which ranks second only to California, another state with warm weather. And motorcycles are typically out and all times of the year because it is warm nearly year-round in the Sunshine State. Motorcyclists often have difficulty avoiding vehicles that pull out quickly without properly looking both ways. So, always be attentive while driving.

Pedestrian accidents: Like motorcyclists, pedestrians are at the mercy of drivers because they have very little protection. Distracted drivers often cause serious injuries to pedestrians in Collier County and elsewhere in Southwest Florida. Thousands of pedestrians are injured each year in Florida.

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