Holiday seat-belt enforcement aims to reduce risk of serious or fatal injuries in Fort Myers car accidents

The Florida Highway Patrol and law enforcement throughout the state will be conducting increased seat-belt enforcement through Nov. 30, as the first “Click It or Ticket” campaign of the holiday season aims to reduce the risk of serious or fatal injuries in Fort Myers car accidents.

“Our message is simple. If you fail to buckle up, then expect a ticket,” said Major Timothy Ashley. “The hard working men and women of the Florida Highway Patrol will be diligent in enforcing our safety belt law. Our state troopers are committed to making a difference through education and enforcement.”
Florida law requires adult front-seat occupants to fasten their seat belts. Occupants under the age of 18 are required to wear seat-belts regardless of their position in the vehicle. Violations will result in a $30 fine plus court costs.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is encouraging states, including Florida, to extend seat-belt laws to adult back-seat passengers and to increase fines and enforcement.

“We want everyone to have a safe and happy holiday travel season,” said Secretary Ray LaHood. “For the sake of your loved ones and everyone else on the road, please remember to buckle up and put away your cell phone every time you get behind the wheel.”

The federal government reports a 10 to 12 percent improvement in usage rates for states that move from secondary to primary enforcement laws. States that raise fines from $25 to $60 reported gains of 3-4 percent, while those with a $100 penalty saw usage rates improve by as much as 7 percent.

“Seat belts are the single most protective safety device ever invented for use in vehicles, saving thousands of lives each year. Now our research proves that when states step up sanctions, they’re rewarded with huge improvements in belt use,” said NHTSA Administrator David Strickland.

Florida’s usage rate recently reached a record high of 87.4 percent.

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