Motorcycle Accidents in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, in Focus for Safety Month

Florida’s sunny weather, beautiful beaches, and scenic highways make it a popular place for motorcycle enthusiasts. Unfortunately, it also makes it the most dangerous states in the country for motorcycle accidents. According to NBC News, the Florida Department of Transportation recognizes May as Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month. During this time, all motorists are reminded to safely “share the road” with motorcycles and to be extra alert to help keep motorcyclists safe. Motorcyclists are reminded to make themselves visible to other motorists and to ride safely.

Our Fort Myers motorcycle accident lawyers understand that there were close to 450 motorcyclists killed in the state of Florida in 2011. That was more accident fatalities recorded in one year than any other state in the country, according to the latest statistics from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).

Remember that motorcyclist struck back in March when a van reportedly pulled out in front of him on Hancock Creed Boulevard? He is still in critical condition, according to Fort Myers Beach Talk. The man sustained life threatening injuries to his head and was transported by ambulance to the hospital, according to accident reports.

Motorcyclists have very little protection in the event of a traffic accident. That’s why it’s critical that we’re taking the proper precautions to make sure they’re safe out there. They follow the same rules of the road as every other vehicle. It’s time all motorists recognize their rights and their presence.

Here are some beneficial tips to help keep our motorcyclists safe:

-Make sure you don’t buy more than you can handle. Purchase a bike that’s within your abilities.

-Make sure you’re well prepared and take a motorcycle class. Even if you’re a seasoned rider, it’s not a bad idea to freshen up your skills occasionally and to enroll in a class, too.

-Wear protective gear and a helmet. Riders without a helmet are 40 percent more likely to suffer a fatal head injury in an accident and about three times more likely to suffer brain injuries than those with helmets.

-Make sure you’re always driving defensively. In most motorcycle accidents, drivers of passenger vehicles are at fault.

-Make sure you’re well seen out there. Make sure that you’re wearing bright colors and your maneuvers in traffic are predictable.

-Avoid driving out there in poor weather.

-Ride responsibly, “Don’t Drink and Ride.”

-Make sure you’re keeping an eye out for road hazards, like potholes and debris, in addition to irresponsible drivers.

-Before each venture, make sure you take a look at your bike. Make sure that everything is working properly and that your lights are bright. Proper motorcycle maintenance can help eliminate any mishaps.

-Make sure that you’re looking out for the irresponsible driving habits of others at all times. Stay one step ahead of the traffic around you.

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