Nightime Driving Increases Risk of Winter Accidents in Southwest Florida

If you hate driving at night — you’re not alone.

According to Mothers Against Drunk Driving, 70 percent of drivers in the U.S. say that they fear driving at night because they can’t see as well. About 40 percent of drivers say that they worry about hitting someone or even an animal and about 25 percent say that they fear they won’t see the road markings.

Our Cape Coral car accident lawyers understand that there is about 60 percent less traffic on the roadways at night, but still more than 40 percent of all fatal accidents happen during nighttime hours. Drivers base 90 percent of their driving maneuvers on what they can see. When you take that away, we’re driving nearly blind. Because of this, drivers must take extra precautions to avoid an auto accident at night.

Consider these safe nighttime driving tips:

-Preparation. Before heading out, make sure that all of your visual tools are ready. Check your mirrors. Is there a dimming feature on your rearview mirror? Check your headlights and your taillights to make sure they’re working.

-Adjust. If there’s an oncoming car with headlights that are too bright, move to a lane that’s not in direct view of them. If the vehicle’s headlights behind you are too bright, safely pull over and let it pass, or you can just move over to the right-hand lane.

-Clean. Make sure your windshield is clear and clean and that your windshield wiper blades are working properly. Check your windshield washer fluid and make sure it’s clean and full.

-Alert. You want to keep your eyes moving. Make sure you’re keeping an eye out for pedestrians, reflectors, the reflection in animal’s eyes, road debris and other obstacles. Staying alert and looking for these dangers can help to allow yourself with more reaction time should you encounter one.

-Slow. You never want to outdrive your headlights. This means that you always want to be able to stop in the area that’s illuminated in front of you. Slowing down your speed is your best bet in staying safe at night.

Another serious danger, aside from visibility, when driving at night is drowsy driving. You never want to drive when your body would normally be sleep. If you have to, it’s critical that you get plenty of rest before setting out.

If you start to feel drowsy behind the wheel, it’s important that you pull over and get some rest. You never want to fight sleep in the driver’s seat. It’s a battle you’re likely to lose. If you start to feel tires behind the wheel, stop in a safe area and take a nap. Fighting through sleepiness with caffeine, open windows and loud music is only a temporary fix that won’t get your very far and will keep you in the line of danger.

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