Officials Target Drunk Driving and Underage Consumption through March

It’s one of the most active months of the year in Florida. Spring break and Daytona Bike Week combine with the influx of northern visitors, bringing serious alcohol-related risks, whether it’s drunk driving or underage drinking.

Official with the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (DHSMV) are joining law enforcement officials throughout the state to help to crack down on dangerous decisions involving drugs and alcohol. Officials are urging residents and out-of-town visitors to celebrate their spring break responsibly.

Our Fort Myers Beach injury lawyers understand that driving while impaired puts everyone at risk. Not only do you face risks for a potentially fatal accident, but you run the risk of getting busted by law enforcement. DUI penalties are strict — you could wind up facing jail time as well as serious fines and fees that can leave your wallet empty.

“Florida troopers do not tolerate impaired driving, so drive sober and drive safely,” said Col.David Brierton with the Florida Highway patrol (FHP).

You’re urged to make sure you always have a safe and sober ride home. If you find yourself without a designated driver, consider calling a cab, a friend or a family member or taking public transportation. Remember that you are better off paying the cash than running the risk of being slapped with a DUI — which could wind up costing you thousands.

During the month of March, law enforcement officers throughout the state will also be cracking down on underage drinking. Not only are they targeting the underage individuals in possession of alcohol, but they’re going after the ones who help to provide the alcohol to them.

Officials with the Department of Business and Professional Regulation remind Floridians of the state’s minimum drinking age — 21-years-old. Anyone who is under the age of 21 is prohibited from possessing alcohol. If they’re busted, they can be cited and can be charged with a second-degree misdemeanor. If you’re the one who provided the alcohol to a minor, whether you sold it or not, you can also be cited and charged with a misdemeanor.

You’re reminded that it’s illegal for anyone in a motor vehicle to possess an open container of alcohol. It doesn’t matter if the car is in motion.

We’re asking for everyone’s help during this year’s spring break. If you see a friend or a family member who has been drinking and has keys in their hand — make sure you step in an get their keys from them. If you’re already out on our roadways and you think you’ve spotted a driver who is intoxicated, you’re asked to call the FHP by dialing *FHP on your cell phone.

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