Road Construction a Summer Threat in SWFL

Summer is road construction season in Southwest Florida. That is true every year as crews race to complete major projects during off-season, and before tourists and snowbirds start flocking to the area for high season.

But it’s particularly true this year as Florida and the rest of the nation emerges from the pandemic. Federal investment meant to stimulate economic recovery, and the yet-to-pass infrastructure package being debated in Congress, both mean road construction will be even more commonplace in the coming months.roadconstruction-300x225

Our car accident attorneys in Fort Myers and Cape Coral know construction zones are high risk when it comes to serious and fatal accidents. Please do your part to keep work crews and fellow motorists safe on the road this summer.

Avoiding Road Construction Collisions

There are a number of common causes for these collisions, including:

Speeding: Temporary speed reductions are common through construction zones, and with good reason. Excessive speed both reduces reaction time and increases the force of collision. Even if you don’t have an accident, speeding in a construction zone will cost you; fines are typically doubled and these locations are often heavily patrolled by law enforcement.

Distraction: Internal distractions, such as cell phones, on-board electronics, and passengers, are always a risk when driving. But external distractions, changing traffic patterns and unexpected roadway obstructions make it vital to pay full attention to the task of driving.

Aggressive driving: Driving on the shoulder, ignoring merge signs until the last minute, passing, failure to use turn signals, tailgating, and other forms of aggressive driving are among the leading causes of collisions.

Failure to yield: Whether merging, or giving the right of way to dump trucks, work crews or other heavy equipment, be prepared to yield at all times while traveling through road construction zones.

Road Construction Collision Claims

Road construction accident claims are complex cases, always best handled by an experienced car accident attorney in Cape Coral or Fort Myers. Contacting an experienced law firm as soon as possible offers the best chance to protect your rights and the financial wellbeing of you and your family. The nature of a construction area means things frequently changed. Documenting exactly what occurred in the immediate aftermath of a collision is among the best things you can do to protect your rights.

Road workers are often the ones injured. These are complex cases that can result in a claim for workers’ compensation and/or disability, as well as a third-party liability lawsuit against another contractor or an at-fault motorist.

When motorists are seriously injured or killed, determining all of the responsible parties is critical. This can include road crews, contractors and subcontractors, project managers, government or municipal entities and other motorists.

As with most motor-vehicle crashes, a strong and consistent defense is your best bet when it comes to staying safe on the roads. But when a collision does occur, we encourage you to be proactive when it comes to protecting your rights.

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