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Collision risks on the roads of Southwest Florida were at record highs in 2022. hit-and-run

While the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is projecting a slight decline in traffic deaths nationwide last year, as well as a slight decrease in Florida, the same cannot be said for Southwest Florida. While the reasons are not fully understood, statistics show road dangers have increased throughout the pandemic, despite fewer drivers on the roads. Reasons for the increased risks in Southwest Florida can be traced at least in part to nationwide increases in deaths on rural highways, collisions involving large trucks, and fatal accidents involving vulnerable road users, all of which are primary causes in our hometowns.

As we close out the first month of 2023, our car accident lawyers in Fort Myers and Cape Coral are reviewing the risks, and will publish several additional blogs highlighting steps you can take to reduce the risks that you or a loved one will be involved in a serious or fatal traffic collision.

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At Associates and Bruce L. Scheiner, Attorneys for the Injured, we know most motorcycle riders keep safety at the forefront of everything they do. Getting out and enjoying their hobby, and making it home safely to their families, is all they ask. scheinermotorcycle-300x251

The vast majority of collisions with vehicles are the fault of the vehicle’s driver. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t steps riders can take to help reduce their chances of being involved in a serious or fatal collision.

As the winter riding season gets underway in earnest, our motorcycle injury lawyers in Fort Myers and Cape Coral want to share some of our best tips, earned through more than half a century of promoting motorcycle safety in Southwest Florida, and fighting for the rights of riders and families.

Visiting motorists and tourists are often surprised to learn that we are entering the height of motorcycle riding season in Southwest Florida. Veteran motorists in Lee, Collier, and Charlotte counties can also benefit from frequently reminding themselves to watch for riders this time of year. motorcycle accident attorney

Plenty of riders hit the roads in summer. But it’s hot and rainy. The perfect riding weather in the early months of the year, combined with many riders visiting from out of state, make it prime time for motorcycles on the roads of Florida.

Our motorcycle injury lawyers have spent more than half a century fighting for the rights of riders and their families, and promoting rider safety and awareness. For nearly two decades, Associates and Bruce L. Scheiner, Attorneys for the Injured, has provided primary sponsorship to Cape Coral Bike Nights, the area’s largest, family-friendly motorcycle event.

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We bring more “stuff” into our homes throughout the long holiday season than at any other time of the year. Holiday decorations. Small appliances. Gifts. Clothing. Toys. shopping

While many of us make religious celebrations, time with loved ones, and volunteerism, a part of our holiday priorities, the consumerism is often an unavoidable part of our holiday celebrations.

But far fewer stop to think about the risk of bringing dangerous and defective products into our home. Yet our defective product attorneys know thousands of dangerous products are sold to consumers each year, and the risks continue to grow with the global, Internet economy.

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All of us at Associates and Bruce L. Scheiner wish all of you a safe and enjoyable new year.


Please celebrate responsibly and never drink and drive.

For more than half a century, our drunk driving injury lawyers have fought for the rights of victims and families impacted by this senseless crime. We support sobriety checkpoints, enforcement blitzes, and other efforts by local law enforcement, as well as the work of organizations like Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

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Florida is second only to Hawaii when it comes to scuba diving.


The death of a well-known 36-year-old tech CEO in a diving accident along Hollywood Beach this month highlights the risk as Florida’s winter diving season gets underway.  Earlier this year the former owners of a scuba dive charter in Key Largo pleaded guilty in a case that went on for 10 years after their boat was found to be in such poor condition that it sank, claiming the life of a diver. DAN, Divers Alert Network America, reports the number of diving deaths has been on the rise, with 169 recreational scuba deaths reported in 2016, the last year for which statistics are available.

From freshwater caves in North Florida, where visibility is 100 feet or more, to wreck diving in the Florida Keys, to drift dives along the East Coast, Florida draws divers from all over the world to enjoy our warm clear waters, coral reefs, and abundant sea life, including Goliath Grouper, Stingrays, Sharks and Sailfish.  The state’s 2.6 million active divers account for nearly half the world’s 6 million divers.

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As we work toward recovery from the historic damage caused by Hurricane Ian, it’s important for private property and business owners to understand their liability when it comes to preventing injury resulting from hazards on their property. construction injury

Businesses are fighting for survival and working hard to get employees back to work as quickly as possible. Property owners, likewise, are doing everything possible to rebuild. Nobody wants to be responsible for an injury resulting from dangerous or hazardous conditions. There are steps you can take to help protect yourself and visitors.

Florida premises liability law categorizes property guests as invitees, licensees, or trespassers.

Riding is a year-round activity in Florida. While motorcycles are being stored for the winter throughout the northern parts of the country, motorists should expect to see them hitting the streets in large numbers here in Southwest Florida.

In fact, winter is the busiest time for bikers in our area. When the rain ends and cooler temperatures return, solo bikers and large riding groups make their way onto our local highways and byways. A number of large motorcycle events—from Cape Coral Bike Night to Daytona Bike Week —will also draw riders to our area from across the nation.motorcycle accident

For more than half a century, our motorcycle injury attorneys have been fighting for the rights of motorcycle riders and their families in Lee, Collier, and Charlotte counties. Riders are often blamed for collisions in the court of public opinion, but statistics show that more than half of all crashes involving a passenger vehicle are the fault of the passenger vehicle’s driver.


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Anyone who has been in a car accident knows just how frightening the experience can be. When the peaceful thrum of the road is suddenly replaced by a violent jolt, squealing tires, and twisted metal, anyone who walks away unscathed is apt to feel relieved—and rightly so. Many collisions in Florida result in serious injuries that force the victim into immediate and long-term medical care, often at very high cost. Once the smoke has cleared, therefore, one of the first decisions to make is which doctor to trust for your necessary treatment. medical malpractice

Confidence in your medical providers is always important, but in the aftermath of a jarring wreck, feeling comfortable and safe with your doctor is a prerequisite for proper recovery. Since most general medical providers don’t treat crash victims, it’s important that you understand the capabilities of your primary care physician and their policy regarding accident-related injuries. To receive optimal and timely care, you may have to seek out practitioners who specialize in treating your specific array of symptoms. If this is the case, due diligence is key: Verified online reviews, primary care referrals, and recommendations from friends and experts can augment your research into which practices are best suited for your needs.  

Keep in mind that you should get treatment for your injuries even if they feel insignificant at the time of the crash. The body’s shock response to trauma can leave you numb to acute pain at the scene, and many symptoms from common accident injuries—particularly those involving soft tissues like muscles, tendons, and ligaments—can take days to fully manifest. This means you may “feel fine” right after a collision and opt against seeking the medical attention you actually require.  

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Motorists in 2022 are facing a perfect storm of factors that make collisions with semis and large commercial trucks more likely than ever before. This is a particularly critical safety issue because of the extreme risks faced by occupants of passenger vehicles, many of whom are seriously injured or killed when a collision occurs with a tractor-trailer or other large commercial truck. Bicyclists and pedestrians are even more imperiled, as their size disadvantage and lack of a safety cage leave them especially vulnerable during impact.trucking

Despite the well-known risks, trucking collisions are occurring at record levels. Several elements are to blame:

  • The supply-chain constraints caused by the coronavirus pandemic have put record numbers of overworked truckers on the road.
  • A nationwide shortage of 100,000 truckers continues to grow as industry consolidation reduces pay and degrades working conditions.
  • Emergency orders meant to ease supply chains have permitted younger, less experienced truckers to cross state lines.
  • Large trucking companies are attempting to address the shortage by offering their own training programs and forcing new truckers to work off the debt.
  • Regulators in the United States have failed to keep pace with some life-saving safety mandates already enforced throughout much of the developed world, including the use of improved underride guards, side underride guards, speed limiters, date recorders, and electronic log books.
  • The internet economy continues to push an increasing number of large delivery vehicles into local neighborhoods, where streets are not designed for such traffic and bicyclists and pedestrians face additional risks.

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