Spring Break Injuries in Southwest Florida

Spring break season is upon us and Southwest Florida is expected to be a popular destination despite the ongoing coronavirus restrictions.

In fact, Lee and Collier counties could see more guests than usual, thanks to international travel restrictions related to COVID-19 and guests looking for a “quieter” destination along Florida’s more than 1,000 miles of coastline.



When it comes to spring break injuries, too many have the opinion that accidents are bound to happen when thousands of rowdy teenagers get together to engage in underage drinking and other inappropriate behaviors. The fact is, spring break is a right of passage for many high school and college students, the vast majority of whom just want to get away from the cold and enjoy a week of independence with family and friends.

Our personal injury lawyers on Fort Myers Beach and in Naples have been fighting for the rights of personal injury and wrongful death victims for half a century. When it comes to spring break, there are a number of common scenarios that can lead to serious or even fatal injuries.

Common Spring Break Injuries

Premises Liability: Dangerous conditions at hotels, nightclubs, restaurants and other tourist attractions are among the most common threats. From swimming pool accidents to falls, just because a victim is a minor or under the influence does not alleviate an establishment’s obligation to correct known or foreseeable dangers on a property.

Negligent security: Likewise, wherever thousands of young people gather, there are bound to be a few predators among them. Proper locks, building security, surveillance cameras, and other safeguards are essential to keeping young people safe.

Assault: Whether a nightclub fight or a sexual assault by a known or unknown perpetrator, young people need to take special care to stay safe. This means avoiding confrontations and not walking alone, particularly at night or in an unpopulated area.

Tourist attractions: Personal watercraft rentals, bicycle rentals, and paragliding are among the most popular pastimes along the beach. These businesses are notoriously unregulated. When a serious injury occurs, it is imperative that a teenager seek quality legal help as soon as possible.

Proving Liability for Tourist Injuries in Southwest Florida

At Associates and Bruce L. Scheiner, Attorneys for the Injured, our tourist injury attorneys understand young people just come to have a good time. Even when an injury occurs, seeking legal help can seem too complicated, or an unnecessary intrusion on what was supposed to be a vacation of a lifetime.

But these can be complicated claims. Injured visitors often reside out-of-state. And, even in cases where injuries seem “minor,” physical and emotional impacts can be felt long after an incident. We take special care in handling these cases and can often protect your rights without the need for you to return to the area. And we will always do our best to protect your confidentiality.

Even in cases where a young person is deemed partially at fault, Florida’s comparative negligence laws still allow a victim to make a claim in cases where they are found to be only partially to blame.

We want you to come to Southwest Florida and enjoy all the area has to offer. But when an injury does occur, we want you to understand how important it is to find an experienced law firm who can protect your rights and your future.

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