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swimminginthepool-300x225Four Southwest Florida drowning deaths have occurred in less than a month, prompting authorities and safety advocates to renew calls for better water-safety awareness as we head into the tourist season.

The Naples Daily News reported child safety officials are pledging to beef up education campaigns to families about never letting their guard down and following safety practices. One child drown at a pool party, another died after a sliding door was left open. A third drowning death reportedly involved an autistic child. Charlotte County authorities have released few details about a fourth drowning death under investigation last week.

With drowning deaths in all three of Southwest Florida’s coastal counties, authorities are reminding residents to practice open water safety, but to not forget the risks posed by backyard swimming pools. Two drowning deaths in Collier County, a drowning death in Lee County, and the drowning death in Charlotte County all involved swimming pools. Florida leads the nation in the number of private swimming pools.

Fort Myers injury lawyers know the state’s more than 1 million residential swimming pools pose a significant risk to the public. Children are at especially high risk, but vacationers and tourists visiting during the winter months also face increased risk of drowning or near-drowning accidents.

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Usually when spouses find themselves on opposite sides of the courtroom, it’s a family law issue: Divorce, child custody, alimony payments and the like.motorcycle

But there are some situations in which spouses who love each other very much and indeed intend to stay together might need to square off in a courtroom – and it’s truly nothing personal.

It has to do with the fact that individuals cannot sue insurance companies directly for personal injuries. That leaves plaintiffs sometimes no choice but to sue the negligent person – and sometimes that includes a relative, close friend or even a spouse. The insurance company provides indemnification for the defendant and will be required to pay the judgment to plaintiff if defendant is found liable. It is sometimes the only way a plaintiff can recover damages for medical bills, lost wages and ongoing pain and suffering. In the majority of cases, the parties involved remain on good terms. Continue reading ›

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