Child Injury Risks in Southwest Florida

We all have increased concerns when it comes to child safety and the start of the school year. But this year is unlike any other in modern history, with the coronavirus pandemic causing much stress and uncertainty in all of our lives.

Collier, Lee and Charlotte counties all expect to begin in-person classes on Monday Aug. 31. Most families will also have the option of enrolling their child in some form of virtual learning; in Lee County, that means Lee Connect or Lee Virtual School.kidsplaying-300x214

But, while the pandemic brings its own unique risks, the fact remains the most common causes of serious and fatal child injuries have not changed.

Common Causes of Child Injuries

Our personal injury lawyers in Fort Myers and Cape Coral urge parents to review the risks, and work to eliminate or mitigate them when possible. This can be empowering amid so much uncertainty, and will have a measurable impact on your child’s safety this year.

While COVID-19 has highlighted the work of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the agency has long tracked the overall injury risks for children. Unintentional injury, including drowning, falls and traffic accidents, remain the leading cause of serious or fatal child incidents in the United States. About 12,000 young people die from unintentional injuries each year and more than 9.2 million are treated in emergency departments for nonfatal injuries.

Motor Vehicle Accidents: Are the leading cause of death for all children under age 19. Riding with a new driver or other teenagers exponentially increases the risks.

Drowning: Is the leading cause of injury and death for children under age 4.

Poisoning: This is not an exotic risk. In fact, more than 300 children are treated in hospital emergency rooms each day. From prescription medication to drain cleaner, more than 700 a year die as a result of ingesting some form of dangerous chemicals.

Burns: Some 2,000 children are treated in hospital emergency rooms each year as a result of serious burn injuries.

Falls: Are the leading cause of non-fatal injuries to children under age 18, resulting in more than 8,000 emergency room visits annually.

Liability for Child Injury or Wrongful Death

Child injury and wrongful death litigation should be handled by the most experienced law firms. A child injury lawsuit is more complex for a number of reasons:

Developmental impact: Many serious injuries can have long-term consequences when it comes to child development and education. These must be identified and the impact quantified.

Long-term consequences: Some injuries may have long-term consequences when it comes to health, quality of life and productivity.

Legal rights: Children benefit from a number of legal protections not always available to adults. This is true in many types of injury cases, including dog bites and other premises liability claims. For example, Florida’s attractive nuisance doctrine often holds children blameless for injury, even when trespassing, in cases where swimming pools, abandoned cars, or other dangers may attract young people who are not capable of fully understanding the risks.

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