Understanding Road Risks Can Prevent Collisions

Knowing what causes “accidents” is the best way to prevent them.

Our car accident attorneys recently posted about the dangers of aggressive driving in Southwest Florida as the nation seeks a return to normalcy amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Forms of aggressive driving have become so pervasive that it is a factor in virtually all traffic collisions; even those blamed on a driver under the influence of alcohol or drugs are typically caused by some form of aggressive driving.night-highway-1450204-300x184

At its most basic, if you are not driving safely, you are driving aggressively. While aggressive driving nearly always involves breaking a traffic law, some forms may just be a violation of common sense (distraction can fall into this category).

Let’s face it: Everyone is stressed. We are in an unprecedented time as a result of COVID-19. Resolve to not make an avoidable traffic collision another thing with which you have to deal.

Most Common Causes of Traffic Collisions in SWFL

Looking at the most common causes of traffic crashes illustrates how often they are avoidable. This can help you both avoid the pitfalls and recognize and avoid the risks posed by other drivers.

Distracted Driving: Some form of driver distraction is involved in at least one-third of all traffic accidents.

Drunk Driving: Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is involved in about 1 in 3 crashes nationwide.

Speeding: Is the leading driving infraction cited in collisions, including driving too fast for conditions.

Reckless driving: Includes a collection of serious safety violations, including failure to obey a traffic-control device, failure to yield the right of way and unsafe lane changes.

Weather: Driving in bad weather is a leading cause of crashes. Southwest Florida is at the height of rainy season. Respect the weather and pull safely off the roadway when necessary, until conditions improve. Law enforcement will not give you a pass for causing a crash in poor driving conditions.

Night driving: Daylight savings time is right around the corner. Driving at night presents its own challenges.

Respect Rights of Vulnerable Road Users

If our experienced car accident attorney in Cape Coral or Fort Myers could give you one critical piece of advice, it would be to beware of vulnerable road users.

Bicyclists, pedestrians and motorcycle riders are more at risk in Florida than anywhere else in the nation. There is no such thing as a minor accident involving one of these victims. Simply falling to the ground may result in a serious or fatal head injury.

These victims are most likely to be seriously injured or killed, and an involved motor-vehicle driver is most likely to be found responsible. Give them the right of way. Even if you think you have the right, avoiding a collision will take a few seconds of your day, while causing one may impact the rest of your life.

By being good to one another, and remaining proactive when it comes to safety, we will all get through this time together and be stronger because of it.

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