Construction Traffic Accident Risks Abound in SWFL

Orange construction barrels could be the official spring flower in Southwest Florida.

While construction and repair projects have been unending as the area seeks to recover from Hurricane Ian, spring and summer road construction projects will further strain local roadways and the patience of motorists as summer travel season gets underway.roadconstruction-300x225

The Florida Department of Transportation reports 20 major state road projects in Lee County, involving many major roads and intersections, including:

  • I-75 at Colonial boulevard.
  • Six Mile Cypress/Gladiolus and U.S. 41.
  • Cleveland Avenue from Winkler Avenue to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd.
  • Metro Parkway at both Daniels Parkway and Colonial Boulevard.
  • State Road 31 from Palm Beach Boulevard to Bayshore Road.
  • U.S. 41 at Bonita Beach Road.

Our car accident lawyers in Fort Myers and Cape Coral understand the frustration of motorists, particularly in the wake of Hurricane Ian, which has brought construction and repair projects to virtually every corner of Southwest Florida. But impatience will get your nowhere quickly, and in fact will significantly increase your chances of an accident.

Here are some steps you can take to alleviate stress and keep everyone safe, including the men and women who are working virtually around the clock to get things back to normal:

  • Plan your route: How many of us have hit the same pocket of construction and delay at multiple times of the day and on multiple occasions? Planning your route and seeking alternative routes can both alleviate stress and make the roads safer for everyone. However, beware of cutting through neighborhoods, where the streets are not designed for the added traffic and the increased risks of walkers and playing children can create added danger.
  • Give yourself plenty of time: Acceptance can go a long way toward reducing stress and improving safety for all involved.
  • Choose wisely: Time of day can make a huge difference. Whenever possible, don’t travel during morning or afternoon peak times. This can alleviate traffic congestion for those who must be on the roads, reduce stress for everyone, and allow you to get to and from your destination in a more timely fashion.
  • Beware distraction: Distraction is a significant, but overlooked, risk of road construction projects. In fact, all construction projects have the potential to take our eyes off the road and our minds off the task of driving at a time when we need to be paying more attention.
  • Reduce speed and don’t tailgate: Many construction projects have posted reduced speeds and increased fines. Slowing down and not tailgating will improve your reaction time. Chain-reaction collisions are a significant threat.

These may sound like simple tips. But taken collectively they can significantly reduce stress levels associated with traffic delays while helping to keep you and your family safer on the roads, all while reducing the chances that you will be involved in, or found responsible for, causing a serious or fatal traffic collision.

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