Neighborhood Fatality a Reminder of Risks Close to Home

A Cape Coral man died last week after being pinned between two vehicles along a neighborhood street, NBC-2 reported.

The man was putting tools into the back of his vehicle when a Nissan Sentra driven by a 26-year-old man struck him, pinning him between the two vehicles, according to authorities. The driver said he couldn’t see because of sun glare and condensation on the windshield. Neither speed nor impairment are believed to be factors in the crash, according to authorities.

Floridians do not have to deal with snow and ice. So there is little excuse for leaving the driveway with obstructed views. Take a few moments to clear fog and condensation from your windows. If your windows fog while en route, pull over to the side of the road and give your defrosters a chance to catch up.

Neighborhood Driving Safety

The larger cautionary tale here is the dangers of driving through neighborhoods. While they are well-documented, our Fort Myers car accident lawyers know far too many motorists are complacent when they pull off a main road and into a neighborhood. That’s a mistake, as the risks may change, but do not diminish.

Neighborhood driving risks include:

  • School bus stops and crosswalks: Be on the lookout and always give kids the right of way.
  • Parked cars and obstructions: It can be hard to see around vegetation or cars parked at the curb.
  • Pets: Dogs and cats are a known risk that have caused serious collisions when motorists try to avoid them.
  • Blind driveways: Driveways entering and exiting the roadway can be hard to see.

Driveway Safety this Holiday Season

Our car accident lawyers in Fort Myers and Cape Coral know another risk lurks as we head into the holiday season: The risk of backover accidents in private driveways.

Unfortunately, these tragedies occur each year, often around the holidays. Children are at highest risk.

If you are having a gathering, make a parking plan:

  • Blind spots: Try to park people in such a way as to minimize blind spots and jockeying.
  • Roadside obstructions: Try not to block visibility of the end of the driveway, either for your guests or for passing motorists.
  • Kids at play: Have a dedicated play area for kids, well away from parked cars. Never allow kids to play behind parked cars.

This case in Cape Coral was an unfortunate, preventable, tragedy. Driving in neighborhoods always brings unique risks. Please respect the risks and adjust your driving mindset to be on the lookout for them. Plan gatherings responsibly, and always keep driving safety top-of-mind. Together, we can all help reduce the chances of causing a tragedy while keeping our family, friends, loved ones and neighbors safer through the long holiday season and beyond.

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