Focus on Bicycle Safety in Southwest Florida

Friday was Bike to Work Day, which signals the beginning of the summer riding season.

While northern riders are just getting back out on the roads after a long winter, bicyclists in Southwest Florida enjoy year around riding weather. However, even such year-around activity does not explain why Florida remains the most dangerous state in the nation for serious and fatal bicycle accidents. bicycle-200x300

Our bicycle injury lawyers in Fort Myers and Cape Coral note safety advocates have been using the entire month of May to promote cycling safety and awareness, in much the same way that May has become known as Motorcycle Safety Month for more than a decade. Both campaigns target motorists with their messages, as automobile drivers are most likely to be responsible when a collision occurs with a cyclist or motorcycle rider.

Bicycle Injury Lawsuits in Southwest Florida

An experienced Fort Myers bicycle accident attorney should always be consulted as soon as possible after a serious or fatal bicycle accident. These cases often result in very serious or fatal injuries, significant medical expenses, and lost wages do to recovery or disability. Identifying all of the responsible parties and the available insurance coverage will be vital to making a collectable recovery for damages.

Florida has the lowest mandated auto insurance limits in the country: Just $10,000 Personal Injury Protection and $10,000 property damage coverage. Available PIP benefits will be reduced to just $2,500 if timely treatment is not sought in the immediate aftermath of a collision. We encourage all motorists to carry uninsured motorist (UM) and underinsured motorist (UIM) coverage, which will protect you in the event of an accident with a driver who does not have insurance (or who leaves the scene) or who does not have enough insurance to pay for damages. But such insurance is particularly vital for cyclists and motorcycle riders.

The popularity of cycling for fitness continues to make middle-aged men the most likely victims of cycling accidents. This can have serious consequences on the financial stability of an entire family.

Cycling Safety in SWFL

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration continues to report Florida and California as the most dangerous states in the nation for fatal cycling accidents. Each year, more than 130 riders are killed in bicycle accidents in Florida. Safety advocates and city planners continue to work to improve infrastructure as statistics continue to show riding on dedicated bike lanes is safer, reduces congestion, and prompts more cyclists to use their bicycles for recreation, fitness and transportation.

  • Plan your Trip: Use the Lee County Bicycle Map or other resources to plan your route.
  • Ride defensively: Use mirrors and proper safety gear.
  • Make friends: Like motorcycle riders, studies continue to show that cyclists who ride in groups are safer.
  • Obey the laws: Riders are entitled to all of the rights of any other vehicle on the road. However, they also have the same obligations.

No two injury cases are the same. But bicycle accidents are often unique in their own way. Whether you are an avid cyclist, a tourist injured on a rental bike, or a parent dealing with a child bicycle accident, seeking free consultation with an experienced injury law firm in Fort Myers or Cape Coral is the best thing you can do to protect your rights after an accident.

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