Preparing for your COVID Road Trip

As Florida and the nation move toward a re-opening amid the coronavirus pandemic, there is much that remains uncertain about what the “new normal” might look like.

Uncertainty is what the COVID-19 crisis has brought to every corner of the world. History shows us that the world adapts. Polio and the 1918 pandemic are just two 20th century examples. Hotels and motels are in the process of re-opening as we approach Memorial Day weekend. And, while traffic is expected to be lighter for the traditional holiday weekend kickoff of the summer travel season, many predict a sharp uptick in the number of families traveling by car this summer. car accident

CNN reports European destinations are pushing to re-open in time for the annual summer tourism season. But uncertainty means many American families are likely to avoid international air travel. Airlines will try to combat the uncertainty with bargain rates, but that same uncertainty will make many cautious about booking and paying for airfare over the coming months.

Recreational vehicle dealers and camping supply stores are already reporting record interest. RV rentals will soon be difficult to secure through the summer travel season. That will leave the majority of Southwest Floridians looking at “staycations” and day trips to new places.

Summer Road Trip Safety

Our experienced Fort Myers injury lawyers encourage you to make road safety a priority. While Southwest Florida has a lot to offer, from destinations you have not visited in years, to locales you have long heard of but never visited, it can also be inhospitable terrain. Add to that the need for extra caution and planning amid the COVID “uncertainty,” and it becomes clear that a well-planned summer road trip is the only recipe for success.

Vehicle maintenance: Most dealerships are providing service. However, many stuck at home have used this time to book overdue maintenance. So plan ahead. Pay particular attention to your vehicle’s tires.

COVID Closures: Be sure to research rules, regulations and closures at your destination location. Make a phone call; don’t assume the website has been updated.

Weather: Understand and respect the fact that we are entering the rainy season in Southwest Florida. Severe weather can make travel inadvisable. Flash flooding is commonplace. High winds can lead to downed trees, power lines and other risks.

Prepare: Having plenty of bottled water can be a lifesaver when stranded in the hot Florida sun. So can a charged cell phone; but be aware many areas of central Florida lack adequate cell phone service, including Alligator Alley.

Our injury lawyers in Fort Myers and Cape Coral know roadside breakdowns can be especially dangerous for the uneducated or ill-prepared. Pull well off the roadway. Typically, remaining in the car is the safest option. You can raise the hood to signal distress but remaining well away from the vehicle and the roadway is the best location outside the vehicle.

Know who to call. Either have the number of your dealer’s warranty tow service or become a member of AAA or other organization. If done safely, getting out and enjoying the road can be a great way to break your cabin fever!

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