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As Florida and the nation move toward a re-opening amid the coronavirus pandemic, there is much that remains uncertain about what the “new normal” might look like.

Uncertainty is what the COVID-19 crisis has brought to every corner of the world. History shows us that the world adapts. Polio and the 1918 pandemic are just two 20th century examples. Hotels and motels are in the process of re-opening as we approach Memorial Day weekend. And, while traffic is expected to be lighter for the traditional holiday weekend kickoff of the summer travel season, many predict a sharp uptick in the number of families traveling by car this summer. car accident

CNN reports European destinations are pushing to re-open in time for the annual summer tourism season. But uncertainty means many American families are likely to avoid international air travel. Airlines will try to combat the uncertainty with bargain rates, but that same uncertainty will make many cautious about booking and paying for airfare over the coming months.

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The deaths of two Fort Myers sisters in a traffic accident is a sobering reminder of the risks of driving in Southwest Florida as we head into the height of the holiday travel season.chrsitmassafety-300x225

The sisters, ages 56 and 52, were killed when their car struck an oncoming vehicle while making a turn at the intersection of Daniels Parkway and International Drive, according to NBC-2.The Florida Highway Patrol reports the driver of the other vehicle was transported to the hospital with serious injuries. The sisters were beloved in the community and were involved in numerous charitable organizations and fundraising efforts.

Drivers will face increased risk through the remainder of the holiday season. As our injury lawyers in Fort Myers reported, the shortened holiday season will likely lead to frayed nerves as it coincides with the beginning of the long winter tourism season.

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