Southwest Florida Traffic Fatalities Highlight Holiday Travel Risks

The deaths of two Fort Myers sisters in a traffic accident is a sobering reminder of the risks of driving in Southwest Florida as we head into the height of the holiday travel season.chrsitmassafety-300x225

The sisters, ages 56 and 52, were killed when their car struck an oncoming vehicle while making a turn at the intersection of Daniels Parkway and International Drive, according to NBC-2.The Florida Highway Patrol reports the driver of the other vehicle was transported to the hospital with serious injuries. The sisters were beloved in the community and were involved in numerous charitable organizations and fundraising efforts.

Drivers will face increased risk through the remainder of the holiday season. As our injury lawyers in Fort Myers reported, the shortened holiday season will likely lead to frayed nerves as it coincides with the beginning of the long winter tourism season.

Statistically, intersections are the most likely location for serious accidents. As in this case, head-on collisions, or other types of collisions with oncoming traffic, are most likely to result in serious or fatal injuries. Motorcycle riders are particularly vulnerable to accidents involving a vehicle that turns left into their oncoming path. Urban areas, such as Southwest Florida, are also statistically more dangerous than rural or freeway travel. However, the Christmas travel season brings an increased risk of interstate collisions. The Naples Daily News reports a Fort Myers man also lost his life this week in a two-vehicle collision on Alligator Alley at mile marker 101, near the toll booths.

Holiday Travel Safety in Southwest Florida

Our injury lawyers in Fort Myers and Cape Coral know December is among the most dangerous times of the year on the roads of Southwest Florida. Knowing the most common risks can help motorists remain proactive behind the wheel, both reducing their risks of being involved in a motor vehicle collision and reducing the likelihood they will be found liable for causing a serious or fatal crash.

Intersection safety: Take extra time at intersections. These natural points of traffic conflict are always the most dangerous places on the road. But increased pedestrian traffic, particularly in shopping areas, and harried and distracted motorists, are too often a deadly combination.

Parking lot accidents: Parking lots can become lawless when pedestrians and motorists don’t follow the rules of the road. Walkers should use marked crosswalks, sidewalks and well-lit routes; and never walk directly behind a row of parked cars. Motorists should obey speed limits, not cut across lanes, and heed all crosswalks and traffic control devices.

Distracted driving: While distracted driving is an epidemic, the holidays are a time of even greater risk. Put your phone down and drive. If you are not distracted, you can bet a nearby motorist is distracted.

Aggressive driving: Slow down and breathe. Let the other motorist go. Don’t let the demands of the holiday season result in a momentary lapse of reason that results in tragedy.

We wish all of you a safe holiday season.

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