Spring Break Increases Risk of Visitor Injuries in Southwest Florida

Spring training and spring break are upon us as Southwest Florida enters the height of the winter tourist season.

Traffic is reaching its annual peak in Lee and Collier counties, as the Minnesota Twins and the Boston Red Sox bring thousands of visitors to the area. On the beaches, spring break and visitors escaping frigid northern temperatures mean hotels, resorts, bars and restaurants are managing burgeoning workloads and reaping profits that will sustain them through the slower summer months.


While visitors can be injured at any time of the year, our experienced injury lawyers in Fort Myers know March is statistically the most dangerous month. Everyone faces an increased risk of car accidents this time of year. However, vulnerable road users, including bicyclists, pedestrians and motorcycle riders, are at even higher risk. Visitors are not only more likely to be bicyclists or pedestrians, but are traversing unfamiliar areas often crowded with vehicle traffic and lacking the adequate sidewalks, bike lanes and signs and signals that could help reduce the risk.


Tourist Injuries in Southwest Florida

Visitors are also more likely to be injured in any number of other ways, including:

  • Rental injuries: From personal watercraft to scooters, bicycles and trikes, injuries while riding rented equipment are complex cases. Often, a liability waiver is required before renting. However, these are not absolute and must be reviewed on a case by case basis.
  • Parasailing and boating injuries: whether renting or chartering a boat, or taking advantage of a parasailing adventure or other activity marketed to tourists, those who are injured may have a right to compensation. Historically, these industries have had a poor safety record and identifying all responsible parties can be critical to recovering damages.
  • Drunk driving injuries: The younger crowd is particularly vulnerable when it comes to injuries involving alcohol. Traffic cases often involve multiple victims, and available insurance coverage is usually inadequate. A case against a bar, restaurant or other venue that serves alcohol may be made, particularly when service to underage guests caused or contributed to injury.
  • Hotel and resort injuries: From swimming pool accidents to falls and other injuries more commonly associated with claims against commercial businesses, guests are at risk of injury when visiting venues catering to tourists.

Our Fort Myers Beach injury lawyers know injured guests may be uncertain of their rights. Pressing a claim can also seem to be a hassle once returning home. However, preserving your right to a claim is best done in the immediate aftermath of injuries. In many cases, victims can pursue a case after returning home with minimal disruption to their lives.

We hope everyone enjoys a safe spring here in Southwest Florida and know the vast majority of our businesses strive to operate safely while offering a superior guest experience. But the confluence of people, alcohol, and the carefree Southwest Florida spring sunshine can combine to ruin what should otherwise be an enjoyable time of year.

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