T-bone Collisions Among the Most Dangerous in SWFL

South Trail Fire District and Iona McGregor Fire responded to a T-bone crash on Brantley Road Friday; one person had to be extricated from the vehicle and was trauma alerted to the hospital, according to FOX 4 News.

Our car accident lawyers in Cape Coral and Fort Myers know these types of collisions are among the most serious and frequently occur at intersections or when a vehicle enters the roadway from a parking lot or private drive.  While these types of collisions account for 13 percent of serious traffic accidents in the United States, they account for nearly 20 percent of all traffic fatalities, according to federal data. uninsured accidents

While modern vehicles have become much safer in recent years, direct impact to the side of a vehicle in a t-bone collision leaves occupants vulnerable to serious or fatal injuries. Front- and rear-impact collisions have become safer. But engineers can only do so much when it comes to passenger safety from impact to a vehicle’s long, vulnerable side. Crumple zones that protect occupants from impact to the front and rear are absent, and the close proximity to passengers make them much more vulnerable to cabin intrusion.

Intersection and t-bone collisions

Defensive driving and collision avoidance are the best advice our Fort Myers car accident attorneys can give you when it comes to avoiding serious or fatal injuries from these types of collisions.  This includes:

  • Yield to oncoming traffic: Even if you think you have the right of way, make sure you are clear to proceed before traveling into the path of an oncoming vehicle.
  • Obey traffic signals: A large number of these collisions occur when a vehicle runs a red light, or tries to make it through a yellow light.
  • Look twice: Especially when exiting a parking lot or private drive.
  • Obey pavement markings: Always obey turn lanes and parking lot entrance and exit markings.
  • Don’t speed: Not only does speed reduce reaction time, it exponentially increases force of impact.
  • Wear your seat belt: Wearing a seat belt is among the best things you can do to reduce your injury risks in an accident.
  • Avoid distraction: Accident avoidance is often critical in the scenarios that most commonly result in t-bone collisions. Distraction reduces your reaction time.

All vehicles are not created equally

You can also improve the safety of you and your family when it comes time to choose a new vehicle. Larger, higher vehicles are generally safer than small and mid-size cars. The popularity of trucks and SUVs also make it more likely that you will be involved in a collision with a large vehicle.

Reviewing safety ratings for a vehicle you are considering purchasing should be part of the purchase process. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety offers vehicle safety ratings by make and model, as does the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

As with many traffic-collision scenarios, your best defense is most often a good offense. Pay attention. Obey traffic rules and watch out for dangerous or distracted drivers.

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