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Florida is the most lethal state in the nation for bicyclists, and South Florida is particularly perilous for those on two wheels.cyclists

As The News-Press has reported, 2014 was an especially horrific year. There was a woman who spat on a cyclist after driving into him in Naples. Then there was the man who careened into a row of cyclists on Fort Myers Beach and then said, “I should have hit them harder.” And in Cape Coral, a driver actually shot a cyclist who asked him to slow down.

As more cycling lanes have been added awareness of the issue has grown, some cyclists feel the hostile climate is slowly shifting. Nearly 18 percent in a recent poll said cycling in Lee is getting safer. That may be reflected in preliminary crash statistics for 2015. Continue reading ›

Florida is the No. 1 worst place for bicyclists who prize their safety. Last month, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released statistics revealing the bicycle death rate in this state is 0.57 deaths per 100,000 people – the highest of anywhere in the nation. In fact, the state with the second-highest rate, Delaware, clocked in at 0.38 deaths per 100,000 people.bicyclists3

There are a number of issues, including the fact that we have an abundance of tourists, who are unfamiliar with the area and driving patterns. Distracted driving is a major problem, and we have cyclists year-round, so there are bound to be more crashes.

News-Press Reporter Janine Zeitlin noted all of this a few years ago, and quit riding her bicycle on public roads because of the risks. But then, as the number of bicycle-versus-car accidents continued to mount, as did severe injuries and deaths and light penalties for drivers, she began to aggressively report on the issue. According to a new article by the Columbia Journalism Review, with backing from her editors, Zeitlin not only delved into a long-term, in-depth progress on the issue, she helped set up a “Share the Road” page on the newspaper’s website, a community page on Facebook and engaged with bicycle safety advocacy groups across the region to raise awareness of the problem. Continue reading ›

While a woman has pleaded not guilty to misdemeanor driving under the influence following an incident in which her vehicle struck and killed a physician bicyclist, the victim’s husband has filed a civil lawsuit against the driver.bicycleocean

Although the cases are proceeding in different courts – one criminal, one civil – they are overlapping in ways that make the case rather complex.

Florida has the highest incidence of bicycle injuries and fatalities. Although this accident occurred in Vermont, there are elements of law that are applicable to bicycle accident cases in Florida. Continue reading ›

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