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Written By: PJ Scheinero-COURTROOM-facebook-300x200

There’s an old myth about the practice of law. The gist of it is that nice lawyers aren’t good lawyers and good lawyers aren’t nice lawyers. Somewhere along the way, people started to believe that antagonism and deception were key ingredients to successful lawyering.

We’ve all seen the TV shows – the sly lawyer wiggles his client free of responsibility through shady legal maneuvering; that a little intimidation (or worse) is just part of the process – a “necessary evil” for the lawyer who wants to be the best.

Real life works a little differently.

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Written By: PJ ScheinerCourt-of-Appeals

Never did I imagine that the hardest questions I would have to answer as an attorney are “Do you know a good doctor?” or “Will anyone treat me without health insurance?”

I know lots of great doctors. I consider many outstanding physicians friends, valued advisors, and role models. My wife is a resident physician – on the verge of entering private practice. I’ve had my share of bumps and bruises which my trusted caregivers manage to straighten out in short order and get me right back into the Crossfit gym. More importantly, the lives and limbs – literally – of my parents have been saved by heroic doctors. Nine surgeries and months in an external fixator saved my mom’s arm. Therapeutic hypothermia may well have saved my dad’s brain after his massive heart attack and delayed return of spontaneous circulation.

I am surrounded by medicine, each of my clients has a unique story whose ending is heavily influenced by the care they receive. I study medicine to understand my client’s conditions – and to hold dishonest hired experts accountable by discrediting their medically unsound paid opinions. Medical journals are familiar resources for information on emerging research and best practices. I’m fascinated and energized by the incredible potential of regenerative medicine and pluripotent and multipotent stem cells. I learn the medicine of each of my client’s cases, because the better I understand my client’s condition and situation, the better the outcome I am able to obtain on their behalf.

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Written by: PJ Scheinerspitzer-bid-rigging-case-settled

Sometimes the hard work of reaching a settlement in a personal injury claim is just the beginning. Before bills can be paid or liens resolved, a mutually acceptable settlement and release agreement has to be negotiated. And, perhaps most importantly, you have to actually receive payment of the settlement funds.

Sometimes intransigent defendants or insurance companies do their best foot-dragging routine to delay payment. So how long do you have to wait to receive payment of settlement funds?

Florida statutes provide a definitive answer – so long as your settlement is with an insurance company. Florida Statute 627.4265 requires that an insurance company tender payment within 20 days of the date of a written settlement agreement or the date of receipt of an executed release of claims by the insurer (depending on whether receipt by the insurance company of the signed release is made a condition precedent to payment of settlement funds). If the insurer does not tender payment within 20 days, the amount due shall bear interest at 12 percent annually from the date of the settlement agreement or the tender of the executed release. The insurance company will then be responsible for paying the full settlement amount plus any interest accrued due to the delay in payment – and interest adds up quickly at a 12% APR (e.g. $1,000 a month on a $100,000 settlement).

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Preston J. Scheiner, a trial attorney at Bruce L. Scheiner, Attorneys for the Injured, recently spoke at the national Anatomy of a Personal Injury Lawsuit Seminar in Scottsdale, Arizona.photo__1320671_image006

The conference, held last month, was a feature event to highlight one of the best new personal injury lawyer resources available, “Anatomy of  Personal Injury Lawsuit (Trial Guides 2015).” The book, published by the American Association for Justice, contains contributions from 60 of the most well-respected injury lawyers in the country. Preston Scheiner was among them.

The 4th edition of the book offered detailed advice, arguments, charts, illustrations, practice tips and examples to assist other personal injury attorneys across the country. It offers a step-by-step navigation of how personal injury claims should traverse the legal system. It is an honor to share this information to assist other injury attorneys in the fight against injustice and for the rightful compensation of those harmed by the carelessness and recklessness of others.

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