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Auto insurance rates continue to rise in Southwest Florida. Auto insurance companies in Florida enjoy some of the highest insurance rates in the nation, while offering very little coverage to those opting for minimum required protection. Our Fort Myers car accident attorneys urge you to carefully review your policy and make sure that you properly understand what protections it affords you and your family. Otherwise, you likely are not getting what you thought you were paying for in the event of a collision. uninsured accidents

WINK News reports auto insurance rates are rising, with increases of 5-15 percent in the Fort Myers-Naples market. Local agents point to Southwest Florida’s explosive growth and instances of insurance fraud as reasons for the increase. Florida auto insurers have long used insurance fraud as a reason to continue to increase rates while lobbying for reduced coverage.

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Auto insurance is required of drivers in Florida, and we trust that when we pay our premiums in full and on time, the insurance companies will do as they promise.carinsurance

However there are many cases in which insurers don’t follow through on their end of the bargain. Even victims who are seriously injured often don’t receive adequate compensation until an experienced personal injury lawyer gets involved. It is the attorney who initiates negotiations that lead to just compensation, usually after the insurance company throws low-ball settlement offers or outright refuses payment. And when insurers dig in their heels and refuse a settlement, it is the lawyer who fights for the rights of the injured at trial.

In a recent case out of Miami, it took 10 years, but a former doctor and his wife may finally be receiving the insurance compensation they deserve, following a horrific crash on I-95. Continue reading →