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May is motorcycle safety awareness month. It is also the start of the summer riding season in Southwest Florida.

While Florida weather permits year-around riding, it also exacerbates the risks, both because motorcycles are on the road all year, and because the never-ending ride breeds complacency among motorists who, because they see riders all year long, might not see them at all.livetoride-300x225

The truth is the vast majority of motorcycle accidents involving a motor vehicle are the fault of the vehicle’s driver. But that does not mean motorcyclists are powerless when it comes to reducing the risks. Our motorcycle injury lawyers in Fort Myers and Cape Coral have been representing riders and their families in personal injury and wrongful death claims for half a century. And there are a number of lessons we have learned over the years when it comes to safe riding on the roads of Lee, Collier and Charlotte counties.

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Here is the hard truth: If you are involved in a collision with a motorcycle, it is probably going to be your fault.
May is Motorcycle Safety Month. Too often, when we think about motorcycle safety, we think about things riders can do to protect themselves from being involved in a serious or fatal accident. In other words, most motorists do not understand we are talking to them. Yet our motorcycle injury lawyers in Cape Coral and Fort Myers know most motorcycle accidents involving a motor vehicle are determined to be the fault of the vehicle’s driver. motorcycle safety

Motorcycles are on the road all year long in Florida. That can build complacency among drivers, who simply stop paying attention to them. Know that even a low-speed collision with a rider has every chance of resulting in very serious or fatal injuries. Motorists must avoid the heartache of being involved in a tragedy, as well as the very serious liability, by respecting their rights and always giving riders the right of way. The few extra seconds it takes to avoid a tragedy is well worth it.


Motorcycle Safety Tips for Drivers

As veteran motorcycle injury lawyers, we have been representing riders and their families in personal injury and wrongful death claims in Southwest Florida for more than half a century. Here is our best advice for you, the driver:

Yield: Always, always yield to a rider. Let them pass. Let them turn in front of you. Give them time to get going after a light turns green. Essentially, avoid any potential conflict or contact.

Beware turning riders: Motorcycles take longer to stop and generally slow by downshifting, not applying the brake. Turn signals are not self-cancelling and may not activate, so should not be relied upon. Let a rider complete a turn by slowing down well before they make their move.

Look twice: Riders are difficult to see. They can be easily missed or hidden in a blind spot. Whether turning, or changing lanes, always look twice for riders.

Be careful at intersections: These are a leading spot for accidents. Look for cross traffic. Riders sometimes cannot stop in time to avoid a yellow light. Make sure the roadway is clear and don’t jump the light. Understand a motorcycle takes a moment to start from a dead stop, as a rider gets his balance. Don’t tailgate. A surprising number of accidents occur when a vehicle rear-ends a rider.

Don’t try to judge speed: Because of their small size, motorcycles are often traveling faster than it seems. Don’t try to turn in front of an oncoming rider, which is the leading cause of collisions. And slow well before you come upon a rider.

By doing your part this summer, you can avoid being involved in a tragedy. Every motorist has an obligation to do whatever they can to make sure these riders make it home safely to their families.

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We hope you will join us April 9 for the final Cape Coral Bike Night of the season. While it is the final event for the season, it’s important for motorists to know that summer riding season is just getting underway. Please look twice for riders, always give them the right of way, and do what you can to send them home safe to their families. The few extra seconds it takes to allow a rider to safely pass, is well worth avoiding the potential liability of being found responsible for a serious or fatal collision. motorcycle

For 15 years, Associates and Bruce L. Scheiner, Attorneys for the Injured, has provided title sponsorship for Southwest Florida’s largest family-friendly gathering of motorcycle riders. Visitors are greeted by live music, dozens of vendors, and a variety of contests and entertainment that have made the event bigger and better every year.

Our motorcycle injury lawyers have built a reputation as staunch advocates of motorcycle rights through 50 years of representing riders and their families, and through dozens of events promoting motorcycle safety throughout the communities of Southwest Florida.

Several high-profile motorcycle crashes this week are a stark reminder of the risks riders face as we head into the summer riding season.

A Cape Coral restaurant owner was killed when his motorcycle was struck by a motor vehicle at an intersection in Cape Coral. Another rider was seriously injured in a crash on Airport-Pullings Road in Naples, according to the Daily News. motorcycle accident

Our veteran motorcycle injury attorneys have spent decades fighting for the rights of riders and their families, as well as promoting safe riding throughout the community. We urge all motorists to use caution around riders, and to understand that their lives are truly in your hands.

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Motorcycle riding season is in full swing in South Florida and motorists are reminded to look twice for riders and give them the rights and respect they deserve on the road. motorcycle safety

Our motorcycle injury attorneys have been representing injured riders and their families for half a century. Today, Associates and Bruce L. Scheiner, Attorneys for the Injured, continues our advocacy, both in the courtroom and by promoting motorcycle safety and awareness throughout Southwest Florida.

As Daytona Bike Week concludes, it’s important to remember that it signals the start of high season for motorcycle riding in Florida. While the event draws tens of thousands of riders from across the nation, they arrive in Daytona Beach to enjoy the Florida winter weather, which is why thousands of other riders hit the coastline through the winter and spring riding season.

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May is motorcycle safety awareness month.

The National Safety Council’s campaign notes motorcycle safety is a two-way street, with both riders and motorists urged to make safety a priority as the summer riding season gets underway.

While Memorial Day signals the start of the summer riding season up north, our injury lawyers in Fort Myers know riding is a year-around activity in Southwest Florida. COVID-19 restrictions have impacted many past-times this spring, but riders can still hit the road solo or in small groups in fine social-distancing fashion.

Riders have benefited from lighter road traffic amid the “Safer-at-Home” orders, but as more motorists return to the roads, the risk of motorcycle accidents will continue to increase. Despite being too often unfairly stereotyped as daredevils, most riders respect the risks and do whatever they can to stay safe and return home to their families.

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The remainder of the tourist season in Southwest Florida will be the deadliest time of the year for motorcycle riders. A series of high-profile riding events, great riding weather, and burgeoning visitor and tourist traffic brought by baseball spring training and spring break, mean the risks to motorcycle riders will reach their annual highs. motorcycle safety

As part of our Be a Better Driver 2020 focus, we continue to emphasis the high risks faced by vulnerable road users in Southwest Florida, including bicyclists, pedestrians and motorcycle riders. But the next three months are undoubtedly the most dangerous of the year for motorcyclists.

This year’s Daytona Bike Week runs March 6 to March 15. One of the nation’s largest annual motorcycle destination locations, the event will draw thousands of motorcycle riders from across the nation. Many of those riders will spend the next several weeks riding Florida’s coastline, visiting the Florida Keys, and otherwise taking advantage of the best winter riding weather in the nation.

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A series of serious and fatal motorcycle accidents in Lee County has authorities renewing calls for safety and awareness as we head into the height of the winter riding and tourist season.motorcycle accident

The News-Press reported a motorcycle accident occurred on Bayshore near I-75 when the victim was thrown from his 2006 Kawasaki. The pickup truck driver fled the scene on foot but was later apprehended and charged with failing to report a crash, driving on a suspended license and obstruction. The victim was transported to Lee Memorial Hospital with serious injuries. The Naples Daily News reports a man was killed and another critically injured after a motorcycle collided with a motor vehicle in Charlotte County.

A Cape Coral man was killed and a Michigan man was injured in separate motorcycle accidents last week, according to media reports.

Our Fort Myers injury lawyers have long been advocates for riding safety and rider rights. We know October is the beginning of peak riding season in Southwest Florida, as the temperatures moderate and the rains abate. While northern riders are storing their bikes for winter, Southwest Florida sees a significant increase in the number of riders on the road. Add to this the increase in visitors and seasonal traffic, many of whom are unfamiliar with the area and not used to looking for motorcycle riders during winter months, and the number of serious and fatal motorcycle collisions typically increases as the winter riding season gets underway.

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Associates and Bruce L. Scheiner is once again proud to provide headline sponsorship for the 2019-2020 Cape Coral Bike Night Season.

For more than a decade, we have been a leading sponsor and participant in this event, which has grown into the largest family-friendly motorcycle event in Southwest Florida. The event has featured an increasing number of headline musical acts; this year’s season kicks off October 12 with “zz’s best,” one of the best “ZZ Top” tribute bands, on the main stage.motorcycle accident attorney

You can find our booth at the edge of the main-stage viewing area along SE 47th Terrace, where we will be promoting motorcycle safety, accident prevention, and rider rights.

The City of Cape Coral has made a number of infrastructure and other improvements for the upcoming season. This year’s other dates are December 14, February 8 and April 11. The events run from 5 to 10 p.m.

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We wrote recently about driver liability for motorcycle collisions. Most traffic collisions involving a motorcycle and another vehicle are the fault of the vehicle’s driver. The vast majority of riders understand the risks and do whatever they can to help ensure they return home safely to their families.motorcycle-300x225

But there are still a number of things riders can do to help reduce the risks of being involved in a motorcycle accident. Our Fort Myers motorcycle accident lawyers have been fighting for the rights of motorcycle accidents victims and their families since 1971 and have built a reputation throughout Southwest Florida as staunch advocates of motorcycle rights, both on the roads and in the courtroom.

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